Top 5 Best ‘Minecraft’ Water Fountain Tutorial Videos

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If you’re a hardcore Minecraft player, chances are you’ve tried your hand at building a plethora of different things, from houses to castles to roller coasters and beyond. Water fountains aren’t the first thing people think of when you consider all the objects you can create in Minecraft, but the truth is that it’s possible to build some attractive and intuitive fountains that add a bit of pizzazz to your city, village, town or world in general.

Here are five Minecraft tutorial videos that show you how to make your own water fountains, from the simple park fountain to the fancy, complex pool.

1. Minecraft Small Fountain Tutorial

In this short video, YouTuber Madnes64 teaches you how to make a “small,” simple fountain. He goes over each action step by step, making it easy to follow along. He even discusses ways to make the water artificially (or literally) flow into a player-made sewer system. Because the final water fountain is easy to make (it only takes a few minutes), this is a great starting point for players who have never made a fountain before and want to get a general idea of what one is like.

2. Minecraft Large Fountain Tutorial


Once you’ve mastered the small fountain, feel free to tackle this second video from Madnes64. In it, he goes over how to make a much larger and more complex water fountain in Minecraft. This fountain has a big circumference, it’s quite tall and it requires different block types, but the final result is a cool, modern-looking fountain that would look nice in any Minecraft world.

3. Minecraft Circular Fountain Tutorial

Players trying to build a more traditional-looking water fountain for their town or village need look no further than Jeracraft’s tutorial. In this video, he shows how to make a circular fountain that’s immediately recognizable with its classic, realistic design. What makes this video so user-friendly is that none of it’s wasted on showing the player how to do simple things, like remove dirt blocks or fill layers. Instead, Jeracraft edited the video to skip the time-consuming parts to make the entire video worthwhile.

4. Minecraft Water Fountain Tutorial for Consoles

Most water fountain tutorials require the game’s PC edition to make correctly. That’s because the PC version of Minecraft is a few updates beyond the console versions and has unique blocks and building mechanics. If you want to follow along with tutorials to make a water fountain on the Xbox 360 or PS4, for instance, you might have to get creative with certain steps or placed blocks. The above video, however, features a water fountain made on the Xbox 360, so you know it will work as planned no matter what version of Minecraft you happen to be playing. The video is a bit slow and on the lengthy side (though it’s quite relaxing), but it shows how to make a simple fountain you can edit and tweak to your liking.

5. Minecraft Fountain Designs & Ideas

This is a great video if you’re confident in your building skills but need some inspiration before you create your own fountain. User Biggs87x shows off eight unique water fountain designs, each one more complex than the last. Every fountain uses varying techniques with block placement and water flow to make something different. He doesn’t exactly show how to make them, but you’re a talented Minecraft player, so you can figure out, right?

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