What Is ‘Overwatch’ Boosting?

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Overwatch‘s Competitive Mode is the hardest challenge that the game offers and it can be incredibly difficult to make any progress if you don’t have a good team. In Overwatch‘s Ranked Mode players are required to play 10 qualifier matches at the beginning of the Competitive Season and are judged based on their individual performance as well as their win/loss ratio. Once this is complete, players are given a ranked number and allowed to play in the Competitive Mode.

You are not bound to this number for the entire season, as your rank can go up or down based on if you win or lose matches. Normally this can take some serious time to reach the higher end of the leaderboards, but a new trend called “Competitive Boosting” has begun to spring up.

What Is Overwatch Boosting?

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Competitive Overwatch Boosting boils down to players paying a website to help boost their rank in the Competitive Mode. How this works is a user will be charged a fee based on how many ranks they wish to obtain and a player will log into their account and complete the matches for them. Essentially users are allowing another player to log into their account, play in the Ranked game mode, and boost their leaderboard standings so they can obtain end of season rewards.

Several websites have already started appearing, offering their services in exchange for a hefty price tag that can reach hundreds of dollars. Not to mention there are severe security risks when it comes to just offering an unknown player access to your account. Not only could they just charge your account with purchases you never intended to make, but delete it entirely.

This practice is not limited to just PC players either, as both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are offered by a variety of these boosting sites. Some also offer the service of just playing with professional players instead, letting them carry you up through the ranks. Though given how important all six members of a team are, having one that’s not nearly on the same skill level might take far longer.

While this is not the first time boosting has made its way into a Blizzard game, the massive success of Overwatch may cause developer Blizzard to take immediate action. This is especially true since Overwatch‘s eSports scene has been exploding and the boosted ranks could offset the leaderboard standings for other players.

How Much Does It Cost to Boost Your Overwatch Ranking?

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After looking over a variety of different sites that offer a boosting service it’s clear that this is an expensive endeavor. At rankedboost.com it will run a user $10 a level for them to rank up in Overwatch if they simply allow someone to log into their account and play. However, if you want don’t want to take that risk and simply be carried by a professional player to higher ranks, the fee is bumped up by 30% making it $13 a rank.

Some websites such as myboosting.com offer packages that offer a variety of different services. The most expensive sits at a hefty $799 and guarantees you a spot in the Top 500 and the exclusive rewards that come along with it. They also offer coaching sessions and the ability to pay for individual wins in the Competitive Mode.

Why Would People Boost Their Overwatch Ranking?

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Outside of sheer bragging rights, there is a reason why players would want to climb so high in the rank leaderboards. For every win in the Competitive Mode, players are rewarded with a unique currency called Competitive Points (CPs) which they use to purchase golden skins for their guns.

These special cosmetic overlays aren’t cheap, running 3,000 CPs per weapon that you want a golden skin for. That means you will need 3,000 wins in order to purchase one of these skins, making it a long and dreadful affair for anyone looking to add some bling to their favorite character.

Not only that, but for anyone in Top 500 at the end of the season, they will earn a unique spray that they can show off to all their teammates and friends. Anyone who just finishes their placement matches will earn a different spray and unique player icon.

However, Blizzard recently announced that you will have a chance to earn some rewards at the end of the season based on the highest Skill Rank (SR) you’ve reached. This allows players who might not have had a shot at getting a golden skin via wins alone a way to customize their favorite hero.

Here are Overwatch’s Season 4 rewards:

  • SR 1-1,499 (Bronze): 100 CP
  • SR 1,500-1,999 (Silver): 200 CP
  • SR 2,000-2,499 (Gold): 400 CP
  • SR 2,500-2,999 (Platinum): 800 CP
  • SR 3,000-3,499 (Diamond): 1200 CP
  • SR 3,500-3,999 (Master): 2000 CP
  • SR 4,000-5,000 (Grandmaster): 3000 CP

These end of season rewards are what’s driving the massive surge in boosting, as players just need to reach lMaster or Grand Master to earn a significant amount of points to buy a golden skin. It will be interesting to see if Blizzard plans to address this issue, especially since Overwatch’s competitive scene has been exploding lately.

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