‘Pokemon Go’: Nick Johnson First to Catch All 145 ‘Pokemon’

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Nick Johnson, 28, is the first to catch all 145 Pokemon available in Pokemon Go. (Twitter/@NLJ_1)

Pokemon Go player has finally caught all 145 Pokemon that are currently available in the game.

Nick Johnson previously made headlines when he caught the 142 Pokemon that are catchable in the United States. But he was missing the three region-specific PokemonMr Mime, Kangaskhan and Farfetch’d.

So did Johnson use some sort of GPS spoofer to acquire these last three? Nope. He actually traveled the world in order to complete his quest, booking flights to Hong Kong, Sydney and France. Expedia and Marriott purchased his plane tickets after he gained notoriety for catching all of the North American Pokemon, according to BuzzFeed. Catching Kangaskhan marked the end of his journey.

Now he’s hoping to cap off his Pokemon experience with a visit to Nintendo’s headquarters in Japan.

He had help throughout from locals, who tipped him off on where to find the final three Pokemon, according to Fast Company.

Johnson is a 28-year-old New York resident who works at a startup called Applico. He says he has been playing the game every night after work, according to Pedestrian, staying up until about midnight each evening. He didn’t set out to catch them all until he reached #135 in his Pokedex and realized nobody else had yet acquired every Pokemon; at that point, he began staying up to between 4 and 5 a.m. playing the game.

Niantic Labs was hoping Pokemon Go players would have a positive experience going outside and exercising, and so they’ll be happy to hear that Johnson lost about 10 pounds in his journey to catch them all.

Johnson also says he doesn’t plan to stop playing Pokemon Go just because he has caught everything, and he adds that he’s especially excited by the addition of legendary Pokemon at a later date. He will be continuing to update his Snapchat account with Pokemon related pictures; his username is nja212.

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