‘Pokemon Go’: Can You Use Lucky Eggs During the Thanksgiving Event?

'Pokemon Go' is available now for iOS and Android devices. (Nintendo)

‘Pokemon Go’ is available now for iOS and Android devices. (Nintendo)

Pokemon Go is preparing to launch a special week-long Thanksgiving event, during which players receive double the number of XP as usual. But the Lucky Egg item already gives users double XP when it’s activated, so how will this work during the Thanksgiving special event, exactly? Is it possible to get a quadruple bonus, or will the Lucky Egg effect just not apply this week?

Niantic answered this question on Twitter today, confirming that when using a Lucky Egg during the Thanksgiving celebration, players will receive four times the XP as normal.

This presents a huge opportunity for Pokemon trainers to gain a significant amount of XP during the next week. The decision also makes sense for Niantic, as Lucky Eggs can be purchased from the game’s shop and so this will likely result in a major sales boost.

Pokemon Go‘s Thanksgiving event begins on November 23rd, and it concludes the following week on November 30th. So what are the best ways to rake in all the XP possible during that time? Well, you get XP from a lot of basic tasks, including catching and evolving Pokemon. If you have any creatures in your inventory that you are ready to evolve, you might want to wait until tomorrow to do so, as evolving a Pokemon with a Lucky Egg activated will give you 2,000 XP.

To give you an idea of how to make the best use of your time, the following chart illustrates all the ways to get experience points and exactly how much of it you will get if you use a Lucky Egg during the Thanksgiving event, therefore earning a quadruple bonus:

Action Reward (Using Lucky Egg During Event)
Throw a curveball 40 XP
Get a “nice throw” 40 XP
Get a “great throw” 200 XP
Get an “excellent throw” 400 XP
Hatch a 2km egg 800 XP
Hatch a 5km egg 2000 XP
Hatch a 10km egg 4000 XP
Successfully capture any Pokemon 400 XP
Successfully capture a new Pokemon species 2000 XP
Unsuccessfully capture any Pokemon (i.e. the Pokemon flees) 100 XP
Capture your 100th Pokemon of the same species (then 200th, 300th, etc) 400 XP
Evolve any Pokemon 2000 XP
Visit a Pokestop that has fewer than six items 200 XP
Visit a Pokestop that has six or more items 400 XP
Visit 10 unique Pokestops within 30 minutes 400 XP
Defeat a Pokemon in an enemy gym 400 XP
Successfully clear an enemy gym 200 XP
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