Cuphead: How and When to Parry Slap Attacks


Cuphead is the newest Xbox One title to drop and it’s aiming to bring some cartoon chaos all around the world. However, this title is not for the faint of heart and if you truly want to vanquish every boss then you’ll need to master the various mechanics. One of these is parrying, which allows either Cuphead or Mugman to totally negate an attack or enemy. There is a catch with this move though, as it can only be performed upon certain enemies or objects in Cuphead.

This will cause Cuphead to actually spin and slap the enemy or projectile with his hand negating any damage and getting a small jump boost. To perform this move simply jump and then quickly tap the A button to cause Cuphead to parry slap. While this mechanic may not be used much at first it will become absolutely vital once you progress to the game’s third act, where almost every boss requires you to parry in some form. Remember, any pink colored object can be parried, so always keep your eye out when exploring or dealing with troublesome bosses you cannot seem to beat.

The Parry Slap can be performed both in and out of a plane, so don’t fret when you take to the skies. There are also potions you can acquire at the shop that will give your Parry special properties such as making your first parry instant or cause damage when you are successful. Cuphead has also special Parry only areas called Mausoleums scattered throughout the world. These tombs will have you defend an urn from ghosts who can only be defeated by parrying them. However, if you are successful you’ll obtain a special Super move that is more than worth your trouble.

Parrying is something every Cuphead player will need to master if they want to have any hope of actually beating the bosses on Regular difficulty.