Kingdom Come Deliverance: How to Get the Talmberg Armor

Kingdom Come Deliverance

As you play through Kingdom Come Deliverance you will come across different quests that can be completed a variety of unique ways. One of the first instances of this involves Henry wanting to escape the castle so he can return to his home and bury his parents. This mission will trigger after the cutscene involving the army arriving in the town that Henry has fled to. You will be given a plethora of ways to escape, but the easiest involves taking a suit of Talmberg armor and escaping via the front door.

To trigger this option, head down to the small gate that is protected by a single guard. If your Speech is high enough you can convince him that the commander agreed to let you go. However, there is another Speech option where you try and play to the guards emotions about your loss. If this is successful, the soldier will explain that he can let you go, but you need to ensure that he won’t get in trouble. Select the next dialogue option that asks him for an idea to trigger the quest to steal a set of armor.

Kingdom Come Deliverance

From here you will need to first acquire a lockpick which can be purchased at a Trader in the town. However, you won’t have enough gold for this item so it’s time to get creative with what you sell him. Turn around and head back to the main castle and take a right just as you pass through the front gate. Head up to the battlements via the stairs and turn directly around to see a small door to the tower. You can enter this door, however, this section is off limits so make sure no guard spots you and always shut the door behind you.

Now, look at the barrels full of arrows, select Open, and then Take All. For whatever reason these arrows will not be marked as stolen, meaning you can sell them back to the merchant with no repercussions. There is one barrel of arrows on the second floor and then four barrels of arrows in the section above you. Once you’ve taken all of the arrows, head to the Merchant and speak with him. Sell off all of the arrows you don’t need – he can only take around 15-20 – before purchasing your lockpick.

Kingdom Come Deliverance 1

Collin MacGregor

Head back to the area where you stole the arrows and interact with the chest by the ladder on the second floor. This will be the only chest with a “Very Easy” ranking for lock picking, so it should be easy to find. We recommend saving before you attempt to lockpick, just to ensure that it doesn’t break and you end up with no way to open it. Lockpicking can be a bit tricky in Kingdom Come Deliverance since you will need to both rotate the lock and stay honed in on the sweet spot.

If you are using a controller, but playing on PC we highly recommend using your mouse and keyboard for this section. It’s way easier than using a controller and will save you from getting a headache. Once the chest is unlocked, open it up, take all the items inside, and then leave. You can now put the armor on and talk to the guard once again to escape the castle.

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