Dragon Ball Legends: Release Date, Characters, & Register for the Beta

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This morning, mega publisher Bandai Namco announced that they’re releasing a Dragon Ball Legends mobile game, taking the heart and soul of the console games and turning them into a DBZ mobile fighting game.

Because the game was just announced, there’s a lot that we still don’t actually know about Dragon Ball Legends, which is both good and bad — good in the sense that it means we can let our imaginations run wildly, and bad in the sense that we want to know immediately if this Dragon Ball mobile game is going to be worth our time.

Legends is going to be a mix between a fighting game and a card game. Mostly, it plays like a sort of tactical fighting game, where each card possesses different types of abilities and power-ups for your character. You’ll have three characters on each team while battling.

Cards will be displayed at the bottom of your screen, and a single tap on the screen attacks or uses the cards. Cards are specific to each character and that means that you and your opponents will likely have different attack options.

Most impressively, perhaps, are the visuals we’re seeing in the trailer, as it’s filled with beautifully-rendered art and character designs. Of course, we also don’t know if the full Dragon Ball Legends release is going to keep those beautiful visuals as they work out the kinks in the beta period, but here’s to hoping they don’t veer too far off path.

For now, here’s everything we currently know about the Dragon Ball Legends mobile game for iOS and Android:

Dragon Ball Legends Announcement Trailer

Dragon Ball Legends Release Date

Unfortunately, the Dragon Ball Legends release date for Android and iOS has yet to be released. However, we do have a release window: Summer 2018. We will update this post as we get the information in.

Dragon Ball Legends Closed Beta Registration

If you’re looking for the Legends closed beta registration page, you can head over to both Google Play and the App Store to sign-up and pre-register. You’ll be notified via email when the closed beta begins.

The Closed beta test is exclusive to Android, but you can pre-register for iOS as well.

Fighting Latency

One thing that’s especially worth noting about the upcoming Dragon Ball mobile fighting game is that there’s a big reduction in the potential for latency because it’s run with the Google Cloud platform and not potato servers. This also means you’ll be able to partake in worldwide battles in Legends. Mark that as a win for mobile gamers.


We also know that Legends is going to be playable with just one finger, which aligns well with the console games’ simple controls. And, the Dragon Ball Legends gameplay we’ve seen so far looked true to the source material and ran smoothly.

Bandai Namco stressed that their intentions with Legends is to make the game as accessible to newcomers as possible by appealing to casual players using simple controls that are just swiping and tapping. What’s more, they made it so that the speed of your swiping will influence the gameplay. For example, sliding your finger quickly to the left will dodge the oncoming attack, and the ability to actually register a dodge is based on how quickly you swiped.

There is a bit more than just tapping, from our understanding. During each match, there will be numerous quicktime events that pop up that can make or break a fight, with the potential to change the outcome of the fight entirely. Basically, these will play out like supers.

We don’t know what this means for the hardcore Dragon Ball FighterZ-type fighting game fan, but we’ll find out soon enough when we hop into the beta if there’s anything there or not. One thing is clear, though: Bandai Namco is trying to squeeze as much juice out of this baby as possible with a broad approach.

Dragon Ball Legends Characters

We have six confirmed characters so far, and we’ll likely see a slow trickle of Dragon Ball Legends characters announced as we get closer and closer to the game’s release date.

Here are the confirmed characters so far:

  • Super Saiyan Goku
  • Piccolo
  • Pan
  • Vegeta
  • Frieza
  • Nappa

Download Dragon Ball Legends

You’ll be able to download DBL from the Google Play store if you’re an Android user and the App Store if you’re on iPhone.

Like what you see with the Dragon Ball Legends mobile game? Planning to register for the closed beta? Sound off in the comments and let us know, or tweet at Heavy Games on Twitter.

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