DrDisRespect: Age, Real Face, Cheating, & More


Real Name: Guy Beahm
Nickname(s): DrDisRespect, Doc, the Doctor
How old is Guy Beahm? 36 years-old.
D.O.B.: March 10, 1982
Birthplace: Unknown
Current Hometown: Washington
Marital Status: Married
Twitch: Here
YouTube: Here
Twitter: DrDisRespect, Personal
Facebook: Here
Instagram: Here
Previous Employment: Sledgehammer Games Community Manager, Level Designer

Guy “DrDisRespect” Beahm has been called the closest thing gaming has to a professional wrestler. With his black mullet wig, cool sunglasses, tactical vest, and oversized mustache, Beahm has taken on a caricature of an aggressive, male gamer with DrDisRespect (known as drdisrespectlive on Twitch).

But behind the one liners and constant reminders of his six foot eight height is an award-winning streamer who has captivated millions of viewers as “the face of Twitch.” However, he’s also been a very controversial figure, especially over the past few months, and now he’s fallen to #2 in popularity, behind Ninja.

Get to know Beahm and his larger-than-life alter ego with everything you need to know about DrDisRespect.

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1. His Career Began with Halo 2 & a Silly Gamertag

Dr DisRespect Gaming: The Docs Very 1st Video"The second you contemplate your next move, you are already dead" -Dr DisRespect The Doc's Twitter™ twitter.com/drdisrespect The Doc's Facebook™ facebook.com/pages/Dr-DisRespect/1193788781126912010-01-12T07:33:28.000Z

Beahm’s iconic character of DrDisRespect began when he decided to change is gamertag on Xbox to “Diarrhea Panic.”

In a couple of interviews, he told ESPN and Rolling Stone that the DrDisRespect character originated from playing Halo 2 on the original Xbox. He said that he “ate up” the proximity chat where you could talk to someone in real-time if you’re near them, playing games as the character that would eventually become DrDisRespect.

“This [proximity chat] created an opportunity to showcase this personality, and naturally, I just went with that dominant character because I was fairly good at the game and I could back up the talk, which made it more genuine,” Beahm told Rolling Stone. “It got to the point where those same people that I would defeat would message me, or we would meet in the lobby, and they would be laughing, saying how much fun that was.”

He then changed his gamertag to DrDisRespect, and he and his roomates got to work on his YouTube channel on January 5, 2010, according to ESPN.

He told the publication that the character more resembled Chuck Norris with his orange mullet and red headband and recalls that the Doc had a very serious, dark tone back then.

2. He Used to Work for Call of Duty Developer Sledgehammer Games

Beahm retired the DrDisRespect character and became a community manager for Sledgehammer Games, the development team behind the Call of Duty games beginning with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. On March 1, 2012, he was promoted to level designer and helped create many of the multiplayer maps for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. These maps include Solar, Horizon, Instinct, Ascend, Recovery, Sideshow, Site 244, and Quarantine, according to his personal Twitter account.

He told Rolling Stone that he enjoyed working at Sledgehammer “as much as I enjoyed playing games.”

He then retired from the company and spent the next three or four months after that “wondering what was going on” because he was a niche designer and was segmented, he told ESPN.

Also, if you want to know what drdisrespect’s real face looks like, see the picture above.

3. He Returned to YouTube and Twitch Thanks to a Deal with Boom.TV

Beahm was set to work on World of Tanks after moving his family to Washington but then he met with an investor with Boom.TV to work out a job as a consultant, he told ESPN. Boom.TV funded the studio, rent, and broke down the revenue made from streaming. After encouragement from his wife, Beahm went for the job.

He said that the hardest part about getting back into YouTube and embracing Twitch was being self-employed as he’s used to working with big teams. “Being self-employed, I know I have to have a lot of discipline when it comes to scheduling, managing of costs, and being aware of everything related to the brand,” he told Rolling Stone.

4. He Has Two Million Followers on Twitch



According to Twitch analytics website Sully Gnome, Beahm’s Twitch channel has over two million followers making him the 10th most followed channel on the site at the time of writing. He also receives an average of over 24,000 viewers per stream. In the past seven days, viewers have watched a combined total of 105 years and 160 days of DrDisRespect’s content and he has gained over 59 million views on the channel.

DrDisRespect mostly plays Fortnite: Battle Royale, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and World of Tanks. According to the description of his Twitch channel, his gaming PC is an ASUS ROG GT51CA with Intel Core i7-6700K Processor 4.2 GHz (4.6 GHz), 64 GB Ram, and two GTX1080 SLI while his streaming PC is an ASUS ROG Strix GD30 with Intel Core i7-6700K Processor 4.2 GHz (4.6 GHz), 32 GB Ram, and a GTX1080.

5. Here’s How Much Money He Makes

According to Twitchstats.com, he currently has 21,808 subscribers. Big content creators on Twitch can earn $3.00 per subscriber according to the Huffington Post, meaning that DrDisRespect is likely earning $65,424 per month from subscribers alone.

Assuming that the Doctor is getting 24,000 concurrent viewers a stream, has $2.00 eCPM (“effective cost per 1,000 impressions”), runs three commercials an hour, and streams for eight hours a day, five days a week, he would make $48 an hour or $1,920 a week or $7,680 a month based on research by Huffington Post.

That would put his monthly revenue at over $73,000 a month, but that doesn’t include his other sources of revenue. His fans have donated thousands towards the channel with the highest donator, TheFRealOHMEGA, contributing a total of $9,684.23 according to the description of the DrDisRespect Twitch channel. He also receives sponsorships from Razer, Turtle Beach, Discord, and other companies according to Rolling Stone.

According to YouTube analytics website Social Blade, his YouTube channel has over 283,000 subscribers, received over 1,450,000 views in the last 30 days (with a total of over 6,750,000 views for the channel), and his estimated monthly earnings from the channel are between $363 and $5,800.

6. He’s Attracted the Attention of Other Notable Streamers


He’s also gained the attention of other notable streamers such as Jaryd “Summit1g” Lazar whom he has a rivalry with online but are friendly offline. In fact, Lazar and how he handled his audience was a big inspiration for Beahm. “I always had him on the third monitor when I worked at Sledgehammer, and he’s always a fun watch,” he told ESPN.

Beahm has another rivalry with streamer Tyler1. During his stream in February, Beahm as DrDisRespect taunted the League of Legends player and made fun of his height, according to Polygon. Tyler1 responded by calling him an “old Man” and saying that they’ll find out who the “face of Twitch” really is at this year’s Streamer of the Year awards.

Tyler1 was a talented League of Legends streamer who was banned from the game in 2016 for a long history of harassment, intentional feeding (or dying to the enemy on purpose), account sharing and purchasing, and other unsportsmanlike conduct, according to Kotaku. The ban was lifted in January 2018, nearly two years after the ban began.

7. DrDisRespect Was Banned from PUBG



Beahm may be one of the most popular Twitch streamers but he’s also one of the most controversial.

Beahm was once banned from PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). According to Rolling Stone, Beahm was playing the game with a squad of four but the motorcycle they found only had three spots.

Rather than discussing their options, Beahm as DrDisRespect shot one of the squad mates in the head, took their gear, and hopped on the bike with the rest of the squad. While many rushed to defend the streamer, Brendan Greene – PlayerUnknown himself – personally rebuked the Doc and temporarily banned him from the game.

8. He Admitted that He Was “Unfaithful” to his Wife, Now She Joins Him on Streams

Dr. DisRespect APOLOGY For Cheating on Wife *EMOTIONAL*Help me reach 8,000 subs :^)! goo.gl/Vn60GP If you like the video please leave a like, share and comment! — Hello there, If you are a gamer or a fan of Twitch gaming, subscribe and join us daily for Twitch Fails and Highlights. If you enjoyed this video please subscribe to my channel and smash…2017-12-15T00:42:49.000Z

On December 2017, Beahm communicated to his fans sans persona to tearfully admit that he had been “unfaithful” to his wife and that he was taking time off to focus on his family. You likely saw all of the headlines blow up that said that DrDisRespect Cheats On Wife, and now, it appears he and his wife have put the past behind them.

Two months later, Beahm was back on Twitch and this time with his wife as her own character, Mrs. Assassin. His return stream peaked at 388,000 viewers according to Kotaku.

He told Rolling Stone that this was vital to his resurgence professionally and personally as the two were on the verge of separation and possibly divorce.

He told Rolling Stone that his mistakes still affect his relationship with his wife and young daughter, and one of his biggest mistakes was not involving his wife from the beginning. He said that it has been an everyday struggle to cope with the events but he and his wife feel that they are taking the appropriate steps in repairing the relationship. “I knew it was going to be a long time before I came back, and, to be honest, given the emotional stress my wife and I still experience daily, I feel I came back too soon,” he said. “I’m hoping our working relationship will strengthen our personal relationship. I’m extremely lucky and happy to have her by my side still.”

9. He’s Been Called Out for Racist Jokes

Dr Disrespect all new China momentsThe Doc's latest china moments, he teaches us how to speak his hybrid language2017-08-29T12:31:23.000Z

On February 2018, Beahm was called out by entertainer and musician Jimmy Wong for taking on a mock Chinese accent in some of his streams. He followed up by saying that many viewers of influencers such as DrDisRespect are young and impressionable and may learn their mannerisms and perpetuate that between their friends and others.

Beahm, in his DrDisRespect character, responded by saying that his wife and some of his friends are multicultural.

“Got friends I can call right now that are multicultural, multiracial, I love it, I love it. Mrs. Assassin, my wife, multiracial, all the way from the small island of Molokai. Lots of Filipino blood. I love it. And you got this idiot on Twitter, this idiot searching for, desperate for attention wanna be idiot, right, trapped in a box, trapped in a gated community, a private school, if you will.”

This controversy comes after Greene cited anti-cheat provider Battleye which said that around 99 percent of cheats in PUBG come out of China. According to Kotaku, some players have called for banning Chinese players while using xenophobic language. According to PC Gamer, frustrations also stem from the language barrier and connectivity issues from Chinese players playing on North American servers. Greene said that while the majority of cheats come from China, that doesn’t mean that all Chinese players are cheaters and so banning the whole country would be reactive. He also said that the Chinese community for the game is “very strong” and they “love the game.”

One of Wong’s best known works is “Ching Chong! Asians in the Library,” a song parodying rasist sentiments towards Asians made in response to a University of California, Los Angeles student’s online rant about the Asian students in her university.

10. He Won Awards for His Career

DrDisRespect's Speech for Winning Streamer of the Year 2017!♦Doc's Twitch♦ twitch.tv/drdisrespectlive ♦Doc's Twitter♦ twitter.com/DrDisRespect ♦Doc's Reddit♦ reddit.com/r/DrDisrespectLive ♦Use Code "DOC" for a discount on the following:♦ -turtlebeach.com -gfuel.com -needforseatusa.com/ ♦Doc's Store♦ designbyhumans.com/shop/DrDisRespect ♦Donate to Doc♦ streamlabs.com/drdisrespectlive ♦Just to let any and all new Slick Daddy Club members know, this is a community channel run by two people who are a part of the…2017-11-13T22:57:14.000Z

On November 2017, DrDisRespect won Streamer of the Year from the Esports Industry Awards 2017. During his acceptance speech, he said that a lot of his viewers deal with hardships in their lives such as cancer and suicide and he gets a lot of emails from them.

“One thing when I started my channel, I had no idea what I was getting into,” he said. “But a year and a half later… I’ve realized that I have provided an outlet for a lot of people that are dealing with a lot of hardships, and it makes me proud.”

A month later, he won the Trending Gamer award at The Game Awards 2017.

11. DrDisRespect Swatted

DrDisRespect has allegedly been the target of swatting, or making a prank emergency call to bring armed law enforcement to a streamer’s address while they’re in the middle of a stream. However, he has made no public acknowledgement of the incident.

According to comicbook.com, DrDisRespect had to step away from a stream of Fortnite on March 14, 2018. People saying “sheriff’s department” and “check the closet” could be heard during the stream. DrDisRespect then turned down the camera and took the stream offline. He returned after 15 minutes and blamed the interruption on “internet problems.”

Swatting has been a known and serious problem for many years, and last year one such incident led to someone’s death. In December 2017, 28-year-old Andrew Finch was shot by police after he became a victim of a swatting prank. The swatting was made after a dispute over a $1.50 bet in a Call of Duty match.

DrDisRespect has also been the target of stream sniping, or when a player loads into the same server match as a streamer and tries to eliminate them so that their name can pop up in front of the tens of thousands of viewers. DrDisRespect was sniped during a stream of Fortnite twice by a player by the username of “DrCheatsOnWife,” bringing up the Doc’s past incident with his family. DrDisRespect ignored the first time it happened by covering up the username with a menu panel but then sarcastically mocked the player after the second time it happened.

12. DrDisRespect’s House Was Shot

DrDisRespect’s house being shot | DrDisRespect ends his stream!DrDisRespect’s house being shot | DrDisRespect ends his stream! Please pray for DrDisRespect guys I am really worried! Subscribe to our channel as well for latest DrDisRespect news! #savedoc #drdisrespect #babydisrespect #mrsassasin2018-09-11T17:57:33.000Z

Someone shot at Beahm’s house while he was streaming on September 11, 2018, as Heavy reported. This was the second day in a row his house was shot at.

The September 11 stream shows Beahm suddenly getting up off camera for a moment before returning sans wig and sunglasses and telling his audience that he has to end the stream because his house was shot at.

I got to end the broadcast right now. Someone shot at our house, broke the fucking upstairs window. This is the second shot. Someone shot yesterday. Someone shot yesterday at our fucking house, and someone shot again right now. It connected with the house upstairs, right? You’re driving by, right? You pussy! I got to stop the stream.

Police confirmed to Kotaku that they have a deputy on the scene and are investigating. No medics were needed. DrDisRespect’s Twitch page reads “Doc and family are safe. Proper measures are be [sic] taken while stream is down for the day.”

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