r0cu Earns Golden Dominus in Roblox Ready Player One Event

r0cu roblox player

It looks like a Roblox player by the name of R0cu has earned the Golden Dominus, the highly sought after item that was a part of the Roblox Ready Player One Event.

The Ready Player One event started on March 12, and it has taken players (specifically, in this case, Mr. r0cu) this long to actually get all of the other items required to unlock the rare Golden Dominus.

In order to qualify for the prizes from the event, players HAD TO find the keys in the following order: Copper, Jade, Crystal. Players would need to decrypt clues given to them on the Roblox event page that would help them figure out the in-game location of the three keys, although they weren’t required to actually wait for the clues to win the contest.

The event was, as expected, themed after the actual Ready Player One book/movie, and it was one of the best in-game events we’ve seen for any game yet. The player who found the first three keys would be able to take on a final fourth mystery game, and if you were the first person to take down Mega Corp and complete the game, you’d be rewarded with a one-of-a-kind golden dominus hat.

The winner of the Ready Player One Event is r0cu, who now has a unique, one-of-a-kind golden dominus hat to boast about, earning himself a place in the Roblox history books.

r0cu roblox

If you fear your efforts in the events so far have come to a screeching halt, fear not; if you go on to complete the event you can still earn yourself a sweet pair of golden wings. And given the fact that the Ready Player One Roblox event is one that’s so tough to complete, we have a feeling you’ll still be a part of an elite group of players if you do earn these wings.

Where does this put r0cu on the list of legendary Roblox players? Sound off in the comments below!

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