5 Dragon Ball Legends Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Goku and gang have been joined by an all-new Saiyan for their next saga.

Shallot, the mysterious new hero, will need to tap into his special abilities and aid his allies in battle. Those battles erupt in the most epic fashion during airborne clashes. The various Z Warriors will throw punches, kicks, and energy beams against a bevy of infamous Dragon Ball villains. Thankfully, you can actively participate in those climatic clashes in the new mobile fighter, Dragon Ball Legends. We’ve constructed a guide on how to master the many battle mechanics and assorted aspects of the game.

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Dragon Ball Legends:

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1. Before You Head Into Battle, Take Note of Each Elemental Advantage

Dragon Ball Legends Tips

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• Once you decide to enter into a new Story or Event mission, take a look at the opposition. Also, be sure to look at your current team setup. You should take the time to keep your team together or switch them out for different ones according to your enemy’s Elements. It’s best to head into battle with as many character element advantages as possible. During a battle, keep an eye on your character icons. If they have a blue arrow next to them, throw them into the skirmish at hand. If they’re sporting a red arrow, switch him/her out to someone else immediately.

• The five colors associated with each element are Red, Yellow, Purple, Green, and Blue. The two colors outside of that main lineup are Dark and Light. Red is strong against Yellow, Yellow is strong against Purple, Purple is strong against Green, Green is strong against Blue, Blue is strong against Red, Dark is strong against all the aforementioned elements, and Light is strong against Dark.

2. The Right Ways to Vanquish Evil!

Dragon Ball Legends Tips

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Dragon Ball Legends is a fast and furious mobile fighter where all battles take place in the air. Ensuring you leave each enemy encounter with a win means you need to adopt some solid battle strategies. As soon as the battle begins, move around your enemy for a bit. Once you spot an opening (like dodging your foe’s ranged attack for, for example), move in close and start landing some melee attacks.

• If you have some Ki stored, activate one of your Arts Cards. Quickly depleting an enemy’s HP can be done by using three Arts Cards in succession if you have a ton of Ki available. Try activating the ones that have a Dragon Ball icon next to them. That way, you’ll power up your Rising Rush attack during your enemy assault.

• As soon as your character’s icon starts glowing, tap on it to make use of their special ability. These abilities tend to increase your character’s stats and make them even more of a formidable threat. If you’re looking to charge your Ki, do so after you knock back an enemy with an attack. And finally, the only time you should pull off a Rising Rush attack is when you’re facing off against your final foe. This maneuver does a ton of damage and has the ability to wipe out an enemy in quick fashion.

3. Make An Attempt to Complete All the Challenges Presented During Story Chapters

Dragon Ball Legends Tips

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• Every time you head into the team setup portion of a Story mission, take a look at its challenges. There are usually seven challenges you’ll want to complete in order to get the maximum amount of listed rewards. Completing a challenge gets you three Chrono Crystals, which means you’ll be awarded a total of 21 Chrono Crystals for fulfilling all seven challenges.

• You’ll also have your pockets filled with 10 Rare Medals. These items go towards trade-ins for rare materials (Souls) that help Limit Break your characters. By the way, you’ll also pick up some Rare Medals just by winning Ranked PvP matches.

4. Get Acquainted With All The Paths Toward Character Progression

Dragon Ball Legends Tips

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• After summoning new characters, you’ll need to invest plenty of time and effort into improving your favorites. You can easily attain EXP just by completing Story missions. You can also put a character into Training mode. He/she won’t be finished with their training until a set time limit is reached, but don’t worry – that character can still be used in battle. So it’s worth gaining all that extra EXP for a character participating in missions while they’re still training.

• Limit Breaks help increase a character’s overall power and star level (seven stars is the max level). You’ll need Z Power to pull Limit Breaks off, which can be obtained from Summons and by completing Story missions.

• Once you unlock the ability to Soul Boost a character, you’ll have the chance to further upgrade their individual stats. You’ll need Zeni and Souls to unlock new Boost Panels on a character’s Soul Boost board. After unlocking a certain number of Boost Panels for a character, you can activate a Boost Core/Class Up. That character will become even more powerful and have new Boost Panels on their Soul Boost board unlocked.

• When you head into the Equipment tab of the main menu, you’ll be able to attach certain items to each character. These items then activate passive buffs. By the way, each item can be upgraded by spending Zeni and Souls on them. Be sure to sell off any duplicate items you have to acquire even more Zeni. It’s possible to unlock more Equipment slots for a character by activating a Boost Core/Class Up.

5. Become Knowledgeable of Character Types and Rarity Levels

Dragon Ball Legends Tips

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• Besides Elements, each character is also associated with a certain class type and rarity level. The four class types are Melee, Ranged, Defense, and Support. The three rarity levels are Hero, Extreme, and Sparking. Basically, you need to take a character’s Element, class type, and rarity level into account before each battle. Refer to the list below to see the characters that fall under each class type and rarity level:

Hero (Low-Tier): Goku (Ranged), Gohan (Ranged), Krillin (Defense), Raditz (Melee), Saibamen (Support), Vegeta (Ranged), Zarbon (Defense), Dodoria (Melee), Guldo (Support), Burter (Support), Jeice (Support), Recoome (Melee), 1st Form Frieza (Defense), Jaco (Defense), Yamcha (Support), Tien (Defense), Chiaotzu (Ranged), Shallot (Melee), Nappa (Support), and Fused with Nail Piccolo (Defense)

Extreme (Mid-Tier): Goku (Melee), Tien (Defense), Chiaotzu (Support), Mercenary Tao (Support), Raditz (Ranged), and Nappa (Melee)

Sparking (The rarest and most powerful of the bunch!): Pikkon/Paikuhan (Melee), Piccolo (Defense), Vegeta (Ranged), Goku (Defense), Super Saiyan Goku (Ranged), and Pan (Support)

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