10 Wild West: Explore Shoot Trade Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

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Idle simulators seem to be all the rage these days!

These games are a breeze to play due to their simple yet addictive mechanics. You tap on a few menus and the game handles the rest of the hard work for you. Wild West: Explore Shoot Trade falls in line with the many titles within that sub-genre, but it gives you a few more active activities to handle. Not only are you putting your cowboys to work in the mines, you also have gun duels to engage in and other parts of your business to run. We’ve compiled a list of tips that are sure to make your mineral business thrive and push your cowboys to the top of the arena leaderboard!

Here are the top 10 tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Wild West: Explore Shoot Trade:

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1. The Basics of Mining

• As the western boss man behind a new mining operation, it’s up to you to dig deep and open up numerous mines full of precious minerals. Once you open a new floor, quickly assign one of your Cowboys to that operation and get the mineral acquisition process started. You should mainly put your Gold towards opening up new mining floors and upgrading your working Cowboys.

• By the way, it’s easy to acquire more Gold just by going into the Shop and picking up your daily Bag O’Gold. You’ll also be able to gain some Gold by clicking on the “Depot” house – this is where you’ll be able to sell off Gold, Ore, and other assorted Products. Once you unlock the “Decoration” store, purchase new wallpapers to increase the percentage of Gold you receive from each open floor.

2. Speed Up Items are Easy to Access and Super Beneficial

• It’s possible to make your workers mine even faster via “Speed Up” items. The one Speed Up item you’ll definitely rely on the most is the “Speed Improved x1” booster, which activates as soon as you watch a quick video advertisement. The other types of Speed Up items can easily be obtained by completing Adventure battles, upgrading your VIP level, and purchasing them from the “Western Shop.” If your mining operation works at a faster pace, you’ll have a much easier time fulfilling Orders and obtaining even more Gold.

3. Fulfill Those Junior and Food Orders as Much as Possible

• One of the methods towards increasing your player level is by fulfilling orders. As you obtain more minerals and food, you can take a trip over to the “Orders” tab and sell them off to interested parties. Orders are broken down into two categories – Junior Board and Food Board. You’ll obtain plenty of EXP and Gold by fulfilling timed Orders, plus you’ll acquire a chest full of Gold once you complete three sets of Orders.

4. Running Low on Ore’s? Fusing is the Way to Go!

• From time to time, you won’t have the proper amount of minerals needed to fulfill a Junior Order. That’s when you should take a trip over to the “Ore Fuse” station, which is located right next to the “Orders Board.” The Ore Fuse station lets you produce certain type of minerals by fusing two other minerals together. Cash may be hard to come by, but don’t be stingy with it – you should mainly spend it on unlocking new slots for your Ore Fuse work.

5. Build up an Army of Powerful Cowboys

Wild West: Explore Shoot Trade

Ao Xu

• Cowboys not only put your workers to good use in the mines, they also engage in gun battles with rival Cowboys. You should keep a strong lineup of Cowboys on deck by regularly upgrading at least three of them at a time. Upgraded Cowboys increase the work output of your miners and also put up more of a fight during “Duel” battles. As soon as you acquire new equipment, be sure to attach them to your best Cowboys. Be sure to visit the Western Shop from time to time to purchase the items needed to Promote any of your max level Cowboys.

6. The Duel Area: Paths to Victory

• The Duel tab plays host to several battle types – Adventure, Arena, League, and Cave of Trials. Once a battle in any of these modes begins, you should start off by attacking with a Cowboy’s special ability. That attack should bring down a huge chunk of an enemy’s HP. Afterwards, pull off a few repeated shots.

• Space out your shot taps evenly enough – this method gives you a better chance at landing a critical hit by tapping within the red portion of the shot meter. Don’t forget to heal your Cowboy when they’re near death. And also make sure to activate their weapon’s special ability, too (this ability lets you pull off nothing but critical hit shots for a limited time).

7. The Western Shop is an Area You Should Regularly Spend Your Cash in

• The Western Shop plays host to a number of goods that will help you out in the long run. It contains Rare Eggs, which are used to upgrade your Cowboys. Plus you can buy new weapons, Cowboy promotion items, packages that let you hire new Cowboys, and Speed Up items.

• Try purchasing all the items sold within the Western Shop on a daily basis. There’s really no need to refresh the store’s item lineup once you buy everything that’s offered to you – just be patient and wait until the next day for new Western Shop items to buy.

8. Get Social!

• There’s a lot of cool bonuses you can get from being a social butterfly. Head to the “Mining” tab and check out the top portion of your screen. Tap on the Wanted poster icon, fulfill the requirement it asks of you, and you’ll easily obtain 15 bucks. On that same screen is a golden cowboy icon. Click on it so you can invite any of your friends to the game.

• If they accept your invitation, you’ll both be rewarded with a “Senior Pack” (this package comes with a new Cowboy that’s attached to a three-, four-, or five-str rank). And finally, head over to the “Friends” tab so you can add a few online buddies to your friends list and join a “Clan.” There’s plenty of rewards you can get just from participating in these activities.

9. Challenges, Daily Quests, and Daily Rewards Galore!

• So the game’s “Challenges” pretty much operate like your average mobile game’s Achievements system. As for the “Quests” you’ll be tasked with completing, these are treated like daily missions. Playing Wild West: Explore Shoot Trade on a daily basis should be a priority – you’ll get a new gift for 28 days straight. The best rewards tend to be given out on day seven, 14, 21, and 28 of logging in.

10. Be Ready to Watch a Lot of Video Advertisements

Wild West: Explore Shoot Trade

Ao Xu

• There’s a lot of goodies you can obtain from constantly sitting through video advertisements. Over by the Mining tab, look at the top of the screen and click on the money/play button icon. Here is where you’ll gain rewards just for watching repeated video ads – watching 10 of them will get you even better goodies. Watching video advertisements also nets you a Speed Up item, so don’t forget to fulfill that objective through the “Speed Up” tab on the Mining screen. And finally, make sure you sit through a video advertisement every time you unlock a new Cowboy. A minute of your time automatically super promotes your newly acquired Cowboy to a higher star ranking.

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