Fallout 76: Players Crash Server By Launching 3 Nukes at Once

Fallout 76

Screenshot of Video Fallout 76 players tried to launch three nukes at once and ended up crashing the server by doing so.

Fallout 76 players are testing the waters to see what would happen if they launch three nukes at once. However, most players that make the attempt aren’t getting much for results, since they are crashing the server by doing so.

This week, a group of players learned that when they launch one of Fallout 76‘s nukes at a fissure site, it’ll spawn an enormous, high level Scorchbeast Queen and a bunch of end-game loot. The same players wanted to take it a step further, and tried launching three nukes, one from each of the missile silos, to see what would happen.

Check out the video below, when user Nickaroo93 and a squad of other players, decided to launch the devastating attack:

Launching 3 NUKES in Fallout 76 CRASHES THE SERVERHere is a highlight from my earlier stream! After defeating the dangerous Scorchbeast Queen, we decided to launch three nukes at once on Fissure Site Prime! Watch how it unfolds. Check out Ancker's Cinematic take on the event! youtube.com/watch?v=xwTdY0D68Ak&feature=youtu.be Decrypt the keyword cipher to launch the nukes for yourself! nukacrypt.com/ Vault Dwellers: Pure_Savagery (nukacrypt.com) Ancker…2018-11-18T01:45:01.000Z

Normally dropping a nuke on an area wipes out its inhabitants and the blast zone  spawns powerful irradiated enemies, but the Nickaroo93 and his mates never got to see what the three nukes would do since the server disconnected when they attempted to check out the way to the area of detonation.

In a Reddit post about the triple nuke-launch, one of the team members discussed the server crash, and one user mentioned that someone else’s game had crashed after launching just one nuke, so it isn’t altogether surprising that three nukes crashed the server.

According to Comicbook.com, the same group of players had recently made headlines after blasting a fissure with a nuke that spawned the level 95 Scorchbeast Queen. The group decided to see if nuking the same spot more than once would level up the monster even higher, but never found out because the server crashed. According to this Reddit thread, the new plan is to drop two nukes instead of three to attempt to get better results.

Some users aren’t sure if the detonation of the three nukes actually caused the server to crash, or if it was just coincidence that it crashed at the same time that the group launched their nukes, but it seems likely that their attempt was the cause of the crash.

Fallout 76 is now available for the Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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