Overwatch Reunion Short Features McCree and Ashe (Blizzcon 2018)

Overwatch McCree Ashe Reunion

Blizzcon 2018 is here and that means a new animated short from the Overwatch team. Shown during the opening ceremony, the focus this time is around McCree right after the train robbery at Route 66 goes awry. For two years players have fought around this debris and Blizzard has finally given us the story behind it.

It’s a fantastic short that shows off McCree’s relationship with the Deadlock gang. While previous Overwatch shorts typically show only spurts of action, this one focuses around a massive gunfight. This also introduces several new characters, but the big surprise came in the form of the new hero revealed during the trailer.

Named Ashe, she is a two-star DPS hero that is the leader of the Deadlock gang. Her weapon is a lever action rifle called the Viper that hets her gun down targets at medium to long range. Ashe also sports a shotgun dubbed a “coach gun”  that lets her rocket jump or push foes back. She can throw dynamite that has a fuse and will explode if shot. The explosion lights foes on fire and damage over time

Finally, her ultimate is summoning the giant Omnic outlaw known as Bob. According to the Overwatch website, Bob will push foes back and lay down fire via his arm cannon. This is certainly a unique finisher, especially if we have zero control over who Bob attacks after his charge.

Ashe is the newest hero to be introduced to Overwatch.

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