What is a ‘Multi-kill’ in Anthem?

How to Multi-Kill in Anthem


If you’re an Origin Premiere member then you have early access to the full version of Anthem.

If you’re an Origin Access or EA Access member then you have access to a free trial for 10 hours. If you’re a PS4 owner and you’re reading this then that probably means the game is now live for you too.

Anthem is a game that surprisingly does little to no handholding, leading players to figure out a lot of things for themselves. Essentially, players just do the opening tutorial mission and then the rest is for them to figure out.

One of these things you might have questions about is what exactly consists of a multi-kill in Anthem.

Since players are having this question now we can only imagine it will get asked even more once the game officially releases across all platforms.

A multi-kill in Anthem is 8 kills with a 10-second timeout between each and it will reset every time you get a kill. This was confirmed in a Reddit comment so we can finally put this to rest.

It’s not a particularly hard thing to accomplish and you’ve likely done it several times without even going for it. If you’re playing on Normal difficulty you’ve almost certainly does this at the beginning of the game as the enemies are largely not a threat at that stage.

Automatic weapons would be your best bet to pull off multi-kills but it is probably pretty easy to do with any gun, depending on what kind of enemy you are fighting.

It might be easier to do solo if you’re afraid of your teammates stealing some of your kills.

Anthem releases officially on February 22 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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