How to Earn the Undying Title in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Undying Title

With the release of Shadowkeep, a bunch of new Destiny 2 seals have been introduced for players to unlock. Tied exclusively to the new DLC content, these are some of the toughest titles to unlock in the game. While two of them are static, if you want the Undying title then you only have a little over 30 days at the time of writing this. This title will require players to complete a variety of activities and bounties.

Here’s how to unlock the Undying Seal in Destiny 2:

1. Farm Weapon Kills in the Vex Offensive

Destiny 2 Leftovers Garden of Salvation Challenge

The longest and most tedious part of this title requires players to get a ton of kills with a variety of different guns. There are four Triumphs tied to slaying Vex, three of which revolve around using weapons. Offensive Expert simply tasks you will killing enemies in the Vex Offensive with Bows, Hand Cannons, Fusion Rifles, Auto Rifles, and Submachine Guns. All of your kills have to be in this activity, otherwise, they will not count towards your progress.

However, the key to alleviating the grind is to be smart about your kills. The Offensive Tactician Triumph requires Submachine Gun, Auto Rifle, and Fusion Rifle multi-kills, so make sure when you’re grinding those specific guns to always go for multi-kills. This will make progress to both of these Triumphs, which will reduce your grind significantly. The same goes for Offensive Sharpshooter, as it’s tied to precision Bow and Hand Cannon kills.

Here are some of the weapons we strongly recommend for these Triumphs:

Hand Cannons

  • Sunshot
  • Optative
  • Thorn

Submachine Guns

  • Recluse
  • The Huckleberry
  • Riskrunner


  • Le Monaqure
  • Accrued Redemption
  • Subtle Calamity

Fusion Rifles

  • Loaded Question
  • Jotunn
  • Telesto

Auto Rifles

  • Gnawing Hunger (Curated)
  • Reckless Oracle
  • Cerberus+1

2. Clean Up Vex Offensive Triumphs

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Seasonal Artifact

After you’ve finished all of the weapon kills, we suggest getting the rest of the Vex Offensive Triumphs out of the way. These include landing 100 Finishers, beating the activity without dying, just completing the Vex Offensive, and destroying 100 Oracles. By completing Offensive Finisher you should automatically have Moonlight Crescendo completed since this asks for 100 Finishers on the Moon.

Since it counts fireteam kills of the Oracles, it should roughly take 8 runs through the Vex Offensive to finish this Triumph. Finally, you’ll need to complete this activity without dying. To do this, we strongly recommend that you play it safe the entire time. Use a Scout Rifle and attack from a distance, away from the Vex are spawning. In the second room, just chill on top of the massive pillars to avoid getting blown up by the Supplicants. You can also stay where the boss initially spawns and fire down at the Vex from here during the last encounter.

3. Get a Ton of Void and Arc Kills

Destiny 2 Level Up Seasonal Artifact

Now the real grind starts to set in. For these Triumphs you will need to kill enemies on the Moon with Grenade, Melee, and your Super. This has to be ability kills, so just punching enemies when you don’t have your Melee skill up will not count. Thankfully, there’s a pretty simple way to cheese the Melee ability kills.

Go to a Lost Sector on the Moon and bring either a Void or Arc sword. Now deplete the sword of its ammo before you start killing enemies. Hitting foes with an ammo-less sword will count as a Melee ability kill and make progress towards your Triumphs. Remember, you have to use a Void sword for the Void Melee kills and an Arc sword for the Arc Melee kills. It won’t count if you use sword of the incorrect element.

For grenade and Super kills, just hop from Public Event to Public Event on the Moon to refresh your ability cooldowns. Make sure to equip enemy clearing Supers such as Nova Warp, Stormcaller, Spectral Blades, and Striker. These will let you kill numerous enemies before they run out, allowing you to make a lot of progress towards this bar. Remember, this counts for any activity on the Moon and with any character.

4. Complete 10 Public Events and Vex Invasion Overlords

Destiny 2 Vex Offensive Location

Now that you have all that out of the way, we’re moving on to the easy part. For the Lunar Fashion triumph you need to complete 10 Public Events while wearing the Dreambane set. This is the Moon armor you’ll earn by completing activities for Eris, Nightmare Hunts, and the Pit of Heresy dungeon. All you have to do is wear a complete set and beat 10 Public Events, regardless if they’re Heroic or not. If you need a piece from the Dreambane set, go to the Lectern by Eris Morn. Here you can purchase an Essence tied to the armor piece that you’re missing.

You will also need to kill three Vex Overlords at Archer’s Line, the Hellmouth, and Anchor of Light. This in-game event will always take place roughly one minute after a Public Event in that patrol zone. There’s a lot of speculation on how to spawn the Overlord, with the most prominent theory being you have to kill Vex Hydras that spawn alongside each Gatelord. However, we believe the Overlord spawning is completely random, as we’ve slain dozens upon dozens of Hydras and this boss never appeared. Once you kill an Overlord in each area, you’ll complete the Over the Moon triumph.

5. Finish the Season of the Undying Collection

Destiny 2 Banshee-44 Hidden Workshop

This section is a little tricky because you’ll need to get all of the Season of Undying weapons before the season ends. This includes all of the gear tied to the Vex Offensive, Leviathan’s Breath Exotic, Ritual Weapons, and three separate cosmetic quests. Here are all the items you need to complete your collection:

  • Substitutional Armor
  • Imperative
  • Subjunctive
  • Optative
  • Adhortative
  • Leviathan’s Breath
  • Randy’s Throwing Knife 
  • Exit Strategy
  • Edgewise
  • Season 8: Keepin’ On Quest
  • Season 8: First Watch Quest
  • Season 8: Battle Drills Quest
  • Spear of the Fore

You can obtain the Substitutional armor by either purchasing the Season Pass or by completing runs of the Vex Offensive Imperative, Subjunctive, Optative, and Adhortative can be obtained by running the Vex Offensive or by completing the gun quests offered by Ikora. If you need Leviathan’s Breath, make sure to use our handy, in-depth guide.

The majority of your time will be spent unlocking the Ritual Weapons for the Season. For Randy’s Throwing Knife, you can make progress on the medals by getting multi-kills. For whatever reason the Fusion Rifle medal, Cold Fusion, seems to grant the most progress. This is triggered by getting two Fusion Rifle kills in one life without reloading the weapon. If you have a Warlock, make sure to throw on Trasversive Steps to auto-reload your gun, allowing you to still get the medal even if you miss a shot. Additionally, Momentum Control is perfect for Scout Rifle kills since weapons such as the Jade Rabbit will eliminate someone after a single shot to the head.

If you need Exit Strategy, we suggest using The Recluse or any Submachine Gun with Multi-Killclip. Play the normal variant of Gambit and focus only on killing enemies. As for Edgewise, load up any Nightfall with a Solar Machine Gun and go to a Lost Sector. You can keep running the Lost Sector until you’ve farmed enough kills.

Finally, the Spear of the Fore is obtained by completing a Master level Nightfall: The Ordeal. This is a 980 activity and is considered the hardest content currently available. Because of this, we recommend being at least 970 before tackling this. While you can beat it at 960, this will be a very slow process and it will take a lot of time. Just play it safe and make sure your team has the correct weapon buffs to stop Overload, Unstoppable, or Barrier champions.

6. Kill 3 Undying Minds

Currently, this activity is not available yet. When the Undying Mind becomes available we will update this section with how to kill it.

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