Diablo 4 Revamps Couch Co-Op, Confirms PC Controller Support


Since its announcement at BlizzCon 2019, not much has been said about Diablo 4, but now Blizzard has given fans a glimpse into what’s going on under the hood of the upcoming dungeon crawler.

There are some major improvements from Diablo 3 in terms of controller support and couch co-op. The third installment of the series is still popular as a game to play with a friend or significant other sitting in the living room together and Blizzard will be improving that.

A common complaint about the game was that only one player could have their inventory open at once. Of course, that’s a fair complaint to have given that the game is driven around collecting loot and constantly putting the best gear onto your character.

In Diablo 4, they will remedy that by having the two inventory screens work independently from each other, which would give players the ability to each go through their loot and maximize their character.

This will create much less downtime between the action and make it a more enjoyable experience for everybody involved.

diablo 4 inventory couch co-op

Couch co-op players rejoice! Blizzard

Another major difference made the series going forward is the ability to use a controller on PC. Diablo 3 players on console will know that the right stick gave them the ability to roll around, something the PC didn’t have the capability to do.

They are still tweaking just how it’ll work, but the early returns are promising for those who feel more comfortable controlling the action with a pad as compared to a mouse and keyboard.

For the monster fans out there, Blizzard hs something special for you. The developer released a video that goes over how the families work and explain what to expect from them in the upcoming title.

Cannibals will be a new family introduced in D4, and the video below shows how they’ll differ from the enemies currently found in the franchise.

VideoVideo related to diablo 4 revamps couch co-op, confirms pc controller support2020-02-26T13:31:55-05:00

Diablo IV is still a long time out from its official release, but Blizzard did promise to give quarterly updates so players know how the game is coming along behind the scenes.

There’s a lot more to dive into and you can read the full February developer update here.

Diablo 4 is currently in development for PS4, Xbox One and PC. With there being so much time between now and an official release, we expect to see Xbox Series X and PS5 get their own versions as well.

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