How to Download Pokemon HOME on iOS

Pokemon HOME Download iOS

The latest utility application for Pokemon has arrived, allowing you to manage and even transfer your roster of pocket monster across multiple games. Think of it as the Destiny Item Manager, but for the Pokemon series. However, the catch is you will need to sign-up for Pokemon HOME’s premium plan if you want a lot of the major features – we will get to that shortly. Available on Android, Nintendo Switch, and iOS, this application curiously doesn’t appear in the latter’s store when you search either Pokemon or Pokemon HOME.

Thankfully, the Pokemon HOME application is still available so all you have to do is click this link to head directly to the iOS page for this game. You need to click this link on the device you want to download the application otherwise it will just show you the storefront. From here, just tap Get to start downloading Pokemon HOME. Now just log into your Nintendo account, create a profile, and away you go!

The free model only allows you to store up to 30 Pokemon in this application and they cannot be from the 3DS Pokemon Bank. Instead, you will be limited to Pokemon Sword & Shield and Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu & Let’s Go Eevee. To transfer Pokemon to the application, you’ll need to also download Pokemon HOME on the Nintendo Switch. Then you can just move them into your application in-game. This makes transferring exclusive Pokemon much easier, even if the features for the free version are limited.

For those willing to spend money, you can select a 1 month ($2.99), 3 month ($4.99), or 12 month ($15.99) plan. Once unlocked, you will be able to move Pokemon from the Bank, store up to 6,000 Pokemon, create trade rooms, have up to three Pokemon for trade on the GTS, and up to 10 Pokemon for trade in your Wonder Box. We only recommend this plan if you are a hardcore Pokemon player who could use a more convenient method of transferring these critters across multiple games.

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