How to Defeat Kwolok in Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Ori and the Will of the Wisps Kwolok Boss

Perhaps the most difficult boss fight in Ori and the Will of the Wisps, Kwolok is a massive, corrupted toad with a variety of unique attacks. Able to not only manipulate the stage but strike from a distance, Kwolok can reduce your health bar down to nothing. Broken up across two parts, if you die at all during this fight you’re sent back to the start. Because of this, understanding how to exploit Kwolok is key to victory. Thankfully, there’s a very potent tool in your arsenal that can absolutely decimate Kwolok.

Before the fight begins, equip the Spirit Star ability. This skill allows Ori to toss a shuriken out that will spin and return to him. This item continuously damages any enemy it touches, making it superb for Kwolok’s massive hitbox. Additionally, I threw on the Reckless Shard which increased my damage by 15% at the cost of taking more damage. You don’t have to do this, but it does make the fight easier if you’re confident about dodging his attacks. Finally, make sure to have the Regenerate ability mapped at well. This is your primary method of healing yourself during the fight.

Phase One

The first Phase has Kwolok hovering over you and delivering a plethora of close ad long-range attacks. When the fight starts toss a Spirit Star up to the boss and run to either the right or left. You’ll want to play defensively from here since Kwolok has a range of different attacks These include calling rocks down, lashing out with his tongue, summoning hands from the ground, using his hand to swat Ori, a belly flop, or spitting projectiles.

Of these moves, the projectiles and belly flop are the two easiest to punish. Whenever Kwolok hovers over you, dash away and then throw a Spirit Star at him followed by some quick strikes. Just make sure to jump his shockwave otherwise you’ll take some damage. However, his projectile attack is the best to counter since you can reflect his move back at him. When he fires one of these explosion rounds, hit LB and aim it at Kwolok.

If he’s hit, not only will the toad take damage, but he will be stunned for a few seconds. You can pour on a ton of damage here, so don’t squander this opening. After taking a little bit of damage, Kwolok will smash part of the floor apart and turn it into a spike pit. If you’re fast you can damage Kwolok enough to push him into the second phase before this happens, but it’s tricky.

Phase Two

After a 1/3rd of his health bar is depleted, Kwolok will call down some water and flood the bottom half of the arena. Along with the arena change, Kwolok will have a few new moves including ink projectiles, trying to swallow Ori, and firing homing missiles. The former is especially dangerous since the black ink will leave a trail in the water that damages you if touched. Try to jump in the air when Kwolok fires ink since they will just fade away and not corrupt the water.

Whenever Kwolok dives underwater stay below the surface or the parasite corrupting him will attack you. Just keep using your dash until he finishes trying to suck you in. We recommend going with a hit and run strategy since there’s always a ton of things to dodge. Just quickly dash out of the water, throw a Spirit Star, and then quickly dive back down. There’s a crystal in the bottom right corner which offers constant energy nodes.

Do not try to challenge Kwolok in a straight-up fight. He has a lot of reach and does quite a bit of damage, especially on higher difficulties. Instead, play passively and only hit him between his moves before quickly retreating.

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