Red, Blue, & Green Jewel Locations in Resident Evil 3

Resident Evil 3 Red Blue Green Jewels

Resident Evil 3 is finally here, so it’s time to solve some elaborate puzzles scattered throughout Raccoon City. One of the first you’ll come across is tied to the Clock Tower Commemoration machine found at the subway entrance.  To activate this machine, you will need three different colored jewels – each of which is scattered throughout this opening section. Thankfully, getting to the gems is fairly easy, even if you are playing on the harder difficulty setting.

Keep in mind, every jewel is contained inside an ornate box. You have to open up your Inventory and then click Examine. This allows you to open the box and grab the jewel inside. This needs to be done for all three jewels, so you’re looking for the boxes. Do not turn on the electricity before you go hunting for these jewels. You will have to deal with Nemesis chasing you around which is never good.

Here’s a breakdown of how to get the red, green, and blue jewels.

Red Jewel Location

The easiest of the three to find, this jewel is located in the Donut Shop which is just off Main Street down the large staircase. Just ignore the three zombies chilling outside, they’re not worth wasting all your ammo on. Just use Jill’s dodge to juke by any that get to close. Once inside, head to the kitchen in the back to unlock a new Safe Room. Inside the Safe Room, you will find your first box containing the first Red Jewel.

Green Jewel Location

To gain access to this Jewel you’ll need to first obtain the Lockpick. This is a story item you’ll get outside of the giant spider’s nest when you attempt to turn the electricity on. Once you have the lockpick, head back the way you came until you’re on the initial street you started the level on. This portion of the map is labeled “Downtown,” so head towards the large toy shop with the prominent Mega Man figures everywhere. Use the lockpick to open up the side entrance and grab the box containing the Green Jewel.

Blue Jewel Location

This one is easy to miss, especially since it doesn’t look like you can enter this structure at first glance. Once you get the bolt cutters from the Garage Safe Room, head back to the main road in Downtown. Go to the supermarket directly across the street from the toy store where the Green Jewel was located. Use the bolt cutters to break the chain so you can go inside the small store and claim the Blue Jewel.

Where to Use the Jewels

Now that you have all three jewels, head back to the subway station Safe Room and approach the Clock Tower Commemoration machine in the back right corner. Inputting each Jewel into the device will give you a different item. The Red Jewel rewards the Tactical Stock for the Shotgun, the Blue Jewel gifts a Hip Pouch, and the Green Jewel gives the player a grenade. These are definitely worth acquiring since the upgrade to the shotgun is pretty substantial and the extra inventory space is always nice.