Fortnite Might Be Getting Another Fishing Rod

fortnite fishing rod leak

Epic Games

One of the biggest changes that Fortnite Chapter 2 brought in was the introduction of a fishing mechanic.

Since this map featured more water than ever before, it made sense for Epic to find a way to implement that into gameplay, and it has largely been considered a success by the fanbase.

Fishing is a way to come up with some much-needed healing items, and Floppers have certainly found their place in the meta. On top of being able to catch fish, you can also find weapons, ammo, and building materials in the water, making fishing a very lucrative option for players.

A leak from earlier in Season 3 indicated the developers were looking at adding even more types of fish into the mix, and now it looks like they are considering a whole new fishing rod.

Advanced Fishing Rod?

Fortnite leaker HYPEX says a new type of rod was added in the v13.30 called “RodPro” which could indicate a better fishing pole could be just over the horizon.

It’s unclear what this rod could possibly do since all the fishing pole is currently used for is to catch things from the water. The advanced version could potentially speed up that process, but it’s not exactly clear at this point.

Whether or not Fortnite even needs a new fishing rod is another question entirely, but if Epic wants to keep pushing the fishing mechanics forward, another way to catch the aquatic life makes sense.

When Can We Expect This?

We don’t have an exact timetable for when this rod will actually be released into the game, or even if it will ever arrive.

Keep in mind that sharks are now in the game starting in Season 3, so maybe these new rods could be used to catch them.

As it stands now, the sharks are pretty much bullet sponges and you’re not really guaranteed to get the greatest of loot out of it. What’s more likely is the shark will just mess up your day as you’re looting and it’ll be really annoying.

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