Fortnite Deletes Every Season 5 Drift Teaser, But Why?

fortnite drift teasers

Epic Games

Throughout much of the day on January 24, Epic Games dropped all sorts of Drift-related teasers for Fortnite Season 5.

This ended up being a tease for the new Crew skin, but what did all of these teasers mean for the overall plot of Season 5? The biggest question of them all is why did Epic delete them so we can no longer see them?

These teasers ended up dropping a lot of info for us to speculate about as it revealed that the hunters weren’t actually the hunters, but in actuality there was something even bigger coming for them.

This is what led to Jonesy collecting these various characters from all around, but we are still being left in the dark about what the big threat is.

What Was Hinted?

Thanks to Reddit user Crizmex, we still have one of the most important teasers of all, the one that revealed something is hunting us.

The teaser mentions something old and something bad, which could mean practically anything when looking back at the history of Fortnite.

It’s entirely possible that it’s something we’ve never seen before, because up until this point, every threat that has shown up in the game has been dealt with.

For Jonesy to be afraid like this, it must be something big and dangerous, but it looks like we’ll have to keep on waiting to find out what the deal is. It’s entirely possible all of these teasers were just for the Crew skin and they mean nothing in the grand scheme of things.

At this moment, it’s hard to tell for certain, but it’s definitely something we should theorize about.

Will Drift Make a Difference?

fortnite crew pack february

Epic GamesFebruary’s Crew bundle.

There must be a reason that Jonesy specifically called out to the Fox Clan, so it’s likely that this group has the expertise needed to defeat this specific threat.

We still have a lot of season left, so if Epic wants to drip feed us information about the plot as they’ve doing up until this point, there is certainly nothing that will stop them from doing so.

Look how long it took us to even find out who the secret skin was, so it’s pretty clear that Epic is doing things a bit differently this season, but that’s okay!

Season 5 is set to wrap up in March, so we’ll likely be seeing more plot details revealed in the days leading up to that point, but there’s no rush from Epic’s point of view.

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