Fortnite Player Gets Entire Lobby to Perform “Sing Along” Emote

fortnite sing along

Epic Games

Before the Fortnite Operation Snowdown event began, players had the option to purchase the “Sing Along” emote which would essentially allow your character to become a door-to-door caroler if you wanted.

When the Winterfest event began, Epic Games shifted course and offered this emote for free and refunded anybody who spent their V-Bucks on it. Now that the entirety of Fortnite has the ability to get this emote, players are trying to their hardest to get others to join in on their festivities.

Even though the goal of Fortnite is to eliminate the entire lobby and be the last one standing, it looks like it might be easier than you thought to get people to carol with you.

In fact, one player managed to get the entire lobby to join in on the fun, so if you’re actually wondering what that’d look like, here you go.

Entire Lobby Caroling

In a video uploaded by Reddit user Joker_923, you can get a look for yourself at what an entire lobby of carolers looks like.

It’s a cool thing to see the whole lobby come together like this, but we can only imagine the bloodbath that had to have taken place following this festive moment.

Remember, there can only be one winner, so we have to imagine that many of these players did not live much longer. At least they got to be part of a cool moment.

How to Get This Emote

The Sing Along emote can be found for free in the Fortnite Item Shop until the end of the year, so if you want to attempt to do this in a lobby of your own, that’s where you’ll find the ability to do.

Of course, just having the emote is one part of the battle. Getting players to actually join in is another thing entirely. Your best bet will be to at least have a small group of players with you so they know you mean no harm.

With players constantly trying to bamboozle one another, it’s hard to know exactly who to trust in any given situation.

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