How to Complete Fortnite Season 7 Week 4 Legendary Quests

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The new Fortnite Season 7 Legendary quests are out and this week we’re tasked with helping out Farmer Steel with all of his issues.

There are five different stages to the questline, and if you take an afternoon to complete them, it shouldn’t be too hard to get done.

Keep in mind that a lot of players have the same idea as you, so you will run into resistance at these locations, and you might even find yourself getting bombed by a UFO or two.

Let’s jump right in and see how to complete each of these quests.

Search the Farm for Clues

fortnite search the farm for clues

Epic GamesOne of two clues.

The first stage of this questline takes us to Farmer Steel’s farm, which can be found to the northeast of Corny Complex.

Here, you’ll be looking for two clues that are indicated by a blue magnifying glass. With just two of them to track down and collect, it won’t take very long to find them. Neither of them are inside of the building itself, so just run around the exterior until you’re able to track them down.

Once that’s done, we can move onto the next task.

Visit Farmer Steel’s Favorite Places

visit farmer steels favorite places fortnite

Epic GamesYou have to hit each spot.

Now, we can tackle the task of visiting Farmer Steel’s favorite places, which is as simple as landing at them.

This is much easier than tracking down the clues because all you have to do is land at them and nothing else. There’s no need to stay alive for as long as possible as you can just back out and land at the next spot in the next game.

Of course, you could just hit all the spots in the same game, so pick your poison. Let’s move on.

Place Missing Person Signs in Weeping Woods and Misty Meadows

place missing person signs in weeping woods and misty meadows

Epic Games

Things are getting tricky now as this quest might prove to be the most time-consuming of the group.

We have to place four different missing person signs in Weeping Woods and Misty Meadows. Since we’re going to be contested by several players doing the same thing, this could take some time.

The spots to put the signs will be indicated by a transparent blue outline, so keep your eye out for those. You can get all four of the signs in just one location if you’d like. Below are all of the spots in Misty Meadows and Weeping Woods respectively.

Misty Meadows missing persons signs

Epic Games

weeping woods missing person signs fortnite

Epic Games

Just remain patient and you’ll eventually get this one day and we can move onto the fourth quest.

Collect Doomsday Preppers Guide

fortnite collect doomsday preppers guide

Epic Games

The next quest takes us to the infamous Hydro 16 location, a spot that isn’t a named location, but still remains a popular spot for quests.

Here, we’ll be looking for a Doomsday Preppers Guide, which will just be a small book found on the ground inside of the building.

Go inside and enter a small office area to find this book. Now, we can move onto the easiest part of the questline.

Collect Foraged Items

fortnite season 7 anti gravity poi

Epic Games

For this last stage, it’s all smooth sailing. All you’ll have to do is collect foraged items which means you can wander around Weeping Woods and collect mushrooms to finish this one off.

Apples, lettuce, corn, etc. will all apply here, so get out there and finish off the Week 4 Legendary quests! These will only stick around for a week, so don’t miss out on all of that sweet XP. Remember, you’re going to need a lot of it this season.

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