Fortnite Tron Pickaxe Has an Exclusive Animation

fortnite tron pickaxe animation

Epic Games / Disney

While it didn’t exactly drum up the excitement that previous Fortnite crossovers did, Tron is now available as a series of skins in the Item Shop for all the fans out there.

The designs are based on Tron: Legacy, a film that’s now a little over a decade old, but we do know the franchise does have a nice following and its continuing its expansion.

Nevertheless, if you’re somebody who decided to pick up the Tron skins in Fortnite, you might be interested in knowing that the pickaxe that comes with the bundle will actually have a different animation depending on your mode.

No, we’re not talking about Team Rumble and Arena, but instead Save the World versus Battle Royale. Take a look for yourself.

Different Animations For Different Modes

A lot of players who play Fortnite haven’t even touched the Save the World mode, partly due to the fact that is costs money while Battle Royale is free.

If you’re a player of both, then you might be interested in knowing that your animation for this Tron pickaxe varies. In a video from Fortnite leaker FireMonkey, you can see your character switches hands and has a different animation than the BR one.

He notes this is a common thing with pickaxes that don’t have the regular animation, so it’s likely something that will never be changed.

Not Much You Can Do

If you like the Save the World animation better, there’s really not a whole lot you can do about it unless you play the mode itself.

The animation will likely remain the way it is, but it’s not exactly a huge deal in the grand scheme of things since the main draw is the cosmetic itself.

Animations for pickaxes have been changed in the past, but that was typically only for when they had a slower equip speed, so there’s not much reason to expect one now.

What pickaxe animation do you prefer between the two?

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