Death by Javelin: Kid Accidentally Kills Ref in Germany

Javelin Competition Accidental Death

A man was killed with a javelin. A javelin. In 2012. I’m so shocked that I’ve repeated the word javelin so many times as to render it completely meaningless and silly. Now, it’s just making me laugh because it has a silly J sound.

According to the BBC, a 74-year-old official at a youth athletics competition in Dusseldorf, Germany, named Dieter Strack went out to measure a throw, but was hit by the javelin before it hit the ground. The 15-year-old who threw the javelin is getting psychological counseling.

Yea, he better be. Imagine accidentally taking a man’s life at the age of 15. That’s utterly horrifying. This may sound awful to say, but the official who died had lived a long life. It’s tragic he died and especially from these conditions, but I feel way worse for this kid. It’s not like he can just shrug this off like Brick Tamland killing a guy with a trident. This is going to be with him forever.

Watch a computer-generated re-enactment of the accident HERE.

Javelin Death Computer Re-enactment

Between this and the weed smuggling granny, today seems like a banner day for Dusseldorf. Congratulations, Dusseldorf, you’ve finally made it to the big time.

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