‘I Enjoy Vagina’ Shirt Gets Girl Booted from Gene Simmons’ High School

i enjoy vagina high school

In my day you had to set off the fire alarm, attack a teacher, or deal some serious drugs to get sent home from school, but Queens, New York, student Brianna Demato just wore a shirt and that was enough. Okay, that shirt said, “I Enjoy Vagina,” but still, c’mon?

Demato told the Daily News:

It’s hypocritical. They use the word in class, why can’t I, on a shirt?

Daily News photo.

Demato also says she wore the shirt before but it only attracted trouble because she was spotted by the school’s dean wearing it at lunch, what a prude?

The school called Brianna’s mom, Cathy, to come down, and probably chew her daughter out, but nope, she was like a lioness with her cub.

They’re discriminating against Brianna. They pulled her out of class for nothing. She’s not hurting anyone. It’s her right to wear that shirt.

Newtown High School offered Brianna the chance to change and remain in school or leave under escort, she chose the latter. The school also said that the 15 year old student could study at home in future, or wear a another shirt to school. Presumably she didn’t wear the “Enjoy Vagina” shirt every day.

Cathy Demato said:

[Wednesday] she’s wearing a shirt that says ‘I’m the B-tch From Down the Block.’ The message is, she can wear whatever she wants.

A classmate of Demato’s told the Daily News:

I wouldn’t want my kids wearing a shirt like that. Go to the gay parade like that. Don’t go to school like that.

In an ironic twist, Newtown High School boasts Kiss frontman and fellow vagina enthusiast Gene Simmons as one of its alumni. He might not wear a T-shirt celebrating it, but I’m sure Gene sympathizes with the oppression of fellow vagina lovers.


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