Private Dick: Whitney Houston Murdered by Drug Thugs … & Other Theories

Whitney Houston, Paul Huebl, Whitney Houston Murdered.

So bear with us on this one. Chicago-based private investigator Paul Huebl is claiming that legendary singer Whitney Houston, who died in February of a suspected drug overdose, was murdered. By big-time drug dealers. Who were caught on tape.

Her death was officially ruled as accidental. Huebl counters this, claiming that Houston was murdered by two drug dealers who were seen entering the hotel. He reports that her body showed signs consistent with someone who was fighting for her life. Huebl also claims he has video of the incident. Sadly, the video doesn’t reveal the killers’ identities, according to the dick. Dang.

Whitney Houston, Paul Huebl, Whitney Houston Murdered.

Huebl pictured here from one of this blog posts at

He tells the National Enquirer:

I have evidence that points to Whitney being a victim of high-powered drug dealers who sent thugs to collect a huge debt she owed for drugs.

Huebl is saying Houston was killed because she owed the dealers $1.5 million.

This isn’t the only celebrity death that Huebl has an issue with. Earlier this year, in March, Andrew Breitbart, the conservative blogger, died of a heart attack. Huebl believes it was suspicious and says Breitbart had some dirt on Barack Obama, something that would derail the president’s re-election campaign.

According to Huebl’s Twitter page, he is a “a documentary filmmaker, Investigative journalist, licensed private investigator, actor, who never knows what adventure lies ahead. Chicago, Phoenix, L.A., Europe.”

One of his current crusades appears to be against CNN anchor Piers Morgan over Morgan’s support for gun-control:

The dick also explains his worry that “Socialist Style Justice” is coming to America. He states in a blog post that:

The Gestapo was the Third Reich’s version of the FBI.

We’ll wait till we see the snuff film of Whitney before we change our mind.

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