WATCH: Cop Shoves Man Out of His Wheelchair

An Indiana police department finally released the brutality video that got one of its senior officers suspended and almost fired.

On October 1, 2013, cops in Lafayette, Indiana, were called to a charter school after a man in a wheelchair outside the school told employees he had a gun.

When they arrived on the scene they quickly determined that the wheelchair-bound 25-year-old, Nicholas Kincade, was unarmed. He was warned and told to leave. That’s when things got ugly. You can watch the video above.

When Kincade turned his slow-moving wheelchair to leave, one of its wheels ran over Lt. Tom Davidson’s firmly planted foot. Davidson then used his arms to roughly shove Kincade, causing the wheelchair to topple over and crash onto the sidewalk. While yelling “I didn’t see you,” Kincade was cuffed and arrested for battery of a law enforcement officer, a charge that was quickly thrown out.

Despite the mayor’s support of firing the officer, Davidson was eventually found in violation of conduct unbecoming of an officer, given a 30-day suspension and one year of probation. He was also demoted from lieutenant to officer first class.