Dr. Chris Amann: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Chris Amann

Last November (2014), CM Punk broke his silence over his sudden leave from World Wrestling Entertainment. During his major podcast interview with fellow wrestler Colt Cabana, Punk (real name Phil Brooks) threw a few shots at WWE’s senior physician. Now in 2015, that same WWE doctor has chosen to file a lawsuit against both wrestlers for the slander said about him.

Here’s everything you need to know about Dr. Chris Amann, his reason for suing and his past accolades in his profession.

1. Dr. Chris Amann Has Filed a $2 Million Lawsuit Against CM Punk and Colt Cabana

Chris Amann

Dr. Chris Amann has made it known that he has entered into a lawsuit against former WWE Superstars CM Punk and Colt Cabana. The Cook County Record reported that Chris filed a $2 million defamation/invasion of privacy lawsuit against both men, due to the comments stemming from Punk’s time spent during the Art of Wrestling podcast back in November 2014.

Amann has publicly stated that his reputation has suffered and he is out to receive more than $1 million in compensatory damages, as well as an undisclosed sum of money in punitive damages. Lawyers Phillip J. Zisook and Brian D. Saucier of Deutscy, Levy & Engel out of Chicago, Illinois have chosen to represent Dr. Chris Amann.

Not only has the WWE issued an official statement on this legal matter, they have also released a video that looks to provide evidence that Punk’s injury claims are false. Punk claimed that Dr. Amann failed to properly treat a huge, baseball-sized growth on his back.

Check out the video below to see who’s really telling the truth:

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2. Dr. Amann Commented on Punk and Cabana’s Inflammatory Statements

CM Punk

Dr. Chris Amann made sure to offer his sentiments regarding the comments Punk made about him and his health practices. First off, The Cook County Record alluded to what’s been stated in Chris’ lawsuit reasoning:

“Amann was not requested by Brooks to treat and/or excise a lump, let a lone a purple, baseball-sized lump,” the suit asserts, further alleging that Brooks never sought treatment for or showed him a lump and that he never prescribed Brooks antibiotics for a lump or concussion.

Later in that same public law journal listing, Amann went on to say that the statements made against him “are highly offensive in that they accuse [him] of a gross lack of integrity as a medical doctor, an inability to perform his professional duties as a medical doctor, and in placing the financial interest of his employer above life-threatening health conditions of his patients.”

3. Dr. Amann Still Works as WWE’s Senior Ringside Physician

Chris Amann

Even though the comments made by Punk hit the web about Dr. Chris Amann painted him in such negative light, the WWE decided to keep Dr. Amann employed as their senior ringside physician. Dr. Amann can usually be spotted on WWE television running to ringside and using his medical expertise to tend to injured Superstars and Divas.

In a backstage role, Dr. Amann oversees his fellow ringside physicians, athletic trainers and the overall medical care of all athletes for each WWE brand.

4. Dr. Amann Also Served the United States Olympic Committee

Chris Amann

Along with his role under the WWE, Dr. Amann also serves the United Stated Olympic Committee and United States Soccer Women’s National Team as their team physician. Back in 2008, he made his way over to Beijing, China along with the gold medal winning US Women’s soccer team.

Dr. Amann’s public WWE corporate bio also lists several more of his notable accomplishments in his field:

He has worked as the team physician for the The Ohio State University and more specifically for the Men’s Football, Men’s Lacrosse, Women’s Soccer, and Women’s Ice Hockey teams. Simultaneously, Dr. Amann worked with Ohio Wesleyan University and multiple local high schools, giving medical care to student athletes and overseeing the training rooms. He has provided ringside care for the United States Professional Boxing Association and he has acted as the team physician for the semi-professional Chicago football team, the Chargers.

5. Dr. Amann Received His Collegiate Degrees Within Michigan, Chicago and Ohio

Chris Amann

Dr. Amann’s long tenure during his college years were spent in Michigan, Chicago and Ohio. He initially received his undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan, while he gained his medical degree from the Loyola University in Chicago.

Afterwards, Dr. Amann made his way over to Bewyn, IL to complete his residency at MacNeal Hospital. Finally, he completed his fellowship at Ohio State University. He currently resides in Chicago, IL.