Anthony Lord: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

A 35-year-old registered sex offender is wanted by police in the state in connection with the shooting of five people in the northern part of the state. The man has been named by authorities as Anthony Lord. After an extensive manhunt, Lord was arrested on the afternoon of July 17. A woman who was with him was unharmed. Of the five people who were shot, two are dead.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. His 6-Month Old Baby Was Beaten to Death in May 2015

The fire that killed Anthony Lord's son. (Facebook)

The fire that killed Anthony Lord’s son. (Facebook)

In May 2015, Lord’s six-month old son, Larry, was killed in Millinocket, Maine. A source told, that Larry Lord’s head was beaten so badly he suffered bleeding in his brain and a skull fracture. That friend said there is no suspect in custody in relation to the crime. The Bangor Daily News reported that just a week before the attack, Larry Lord’s house burned down in an electrical fire. The child had been living at the home with his mother, Jamie Clark, and her boyfriend, Jesse Mackin. Both were unharmed.

In Loving Memory of Larry E. LordAn innocent baby lost his life today, a baby so full of life, one of the happiest babies I've ever seen, he was always smiling and giggling. Larry was a smart little guy, everyone loved him. It's hard to understand such tragic losses, what triggers someone to harm a baby? We need justice for this…2015-05-08T05:04:22Z

In his obituary, it’s said that Larry is survived by Lord, as well as his sisters, Cora, Piper, Ciara and Madilyn. In the aftermath of the fire, a Facebook group was set up to help the family get back on their feet.


2. He Charged of Gross Sexual Assault in 2002, But Later Pleaded Guilty to a Lesser Charge

(Maine Sex Offender Registry)

(Maine Sex Offender Registry)

Lord is on Maine’s Sex Offender Registry. According to online records, he’s a lifetime registrant. His offense was “Unlawful sexual contact.” At the time of his registration he was living in the town of Crystal, Maine. In 2002, he faced a charge of gross sexual assault but pleaded down to unlawful sexual contact, reports WMTW’s Paul Merrill.

3. In February 2015, He Got a Suspended Sentence for Assaulting His Girlfriend in Front of Their Kids

(Maine State Police)

(Maine State Police)

Lord has a lengthy criminal history dating back as far as 1999. WMTW’s Paul Merrill reports that in February 2015, Lord was sentenced to 10 months in prison for assaulting his girlfriend in front of their children. All but 45 days of his jail time was suspended. According to Merrill, his other offenses involve an OUI, a probation violation and theft.

4. The Victim’s Identities Are Still Unknown

(Maine State Police)

(Maine State Police)

The identities and conditions of the victims have not been released by authorities. The shootings occurred in the towns of Lee, Benedicta and Silver Ridge on the night of July 16, reports the Associated Press. In addition to the shootings, another man was assaulted. Lord has officially been charged and is accused of two counts of murder.

5. He Was Driving a Stolen Truck

CBS 13 reports that Lord was considered armed-and-dangerous. Authorities believed he was driving a 2010 stolen maroon pulp truck with “McCarthy” written on the side. State police spokesman Steve McCausland told WMTV that the command post in the search for Lord is centered at Lee Academy, 60 miles northeast of Bangor. Anybody with any information as to the whereabouts of Lord is asked to call the Maine State Police on 973-3700.

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