Myself Belts After ‘Shark Tank,’ 50% Increase in Sales: Interview With Owner

Myself Belts entered the Shark Tank in Season 6 with their kid-friendly belts that fasten with Velcro. Back then, we interviewed owner Talia Goldfarb about her mini creations for little hands. As her episode re-airs on Shark Tank Week, we caught up with her again to get the scoop on how her company is doing.

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Growth After the ‘Tank’

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Shark Tank has had an incredible affect on Myself Belts. The exposure has led to a 50 percent increase in website sales. Daymond and his team helped us to secure a licensing deal with a large accessories manufacturer and we have new international distribution as well.

Daymond’s Involvement

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Daymond has been an incredible mentor and partner. He has helped with marketing and branding advice, thoughts about new markets and belt styles, and helped to connect me with resources in many avenues. Both he and his team are accessible, supportive, and truly want to help Myself Belts succeed and grow. I am so excited about the licensing deal that we made this year and how that will allow for mass distribution in large retailers next year.

Expansion for Teens & Adults With Special Needs

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Since Shark Tank, we have added a new slide-on heart buckle, and we have expanded our offerings for teens and adults with special needs. We had such a great response from the special needs community after our airing as they realized how our easy-to-fasten belt closure could help children with Autism, sensory issues, and other issues that impact self-dressing and hand dexterity.

Advice for ‘Tank’ Contestants

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My advice for future Shark Tank contestants is to be prepared, be yourself, and know that there is an element to the show that is entertainment and not to take it personally. I wish someone had reminded me of that before I walked into the Tank. It is hard in the moment, but the show is a game changer, and I am incredibly grateful to have been a part of the show and have had the opportunity to partner with Daymond.