Corey Rossman: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Lauren Spierer disappeared on June 3, 2011. She was a 20-year-old student at Indiana University at the time. The night she vanished, Lauren spent multiple hours with fellow student Corey Rossman. The two were seen leaving a party and entering a sports bar together around 1:46 am– just three hours before the last reported sighting of her. Though efforts have been made by multiple people and organizations, Spierer’s disappearance remains unsolved.

Here’s what you need to know about Rossman.

1. He and Spierer Left a Party Together The Night She Went Missing

Corey Rossman Lauren Spierer, Corey Rossman Lauren Spierer investigation, Corey Rossman Facebook, Corey Rossman 20/20 ABC News


On the night of her disappearance, Spierer was seen leaving a party with Corey Rossman. The two went to Kilroy’s Sports Bar. At 2:27 am, they exited the bar, and Spierer left her phone and shoes behind. (The patio at the bar was sand-covered, which may explain the removal of her shoes).

Afterwards, they headed to the Smallwood Plaza complex, where Lauren lived.

2. He Claims He Lost His Memory The Night Lauren Vanished

While walking through the Smallwood Plaza apartments, a passerby named Zach Oakes came forward and asked Lauren if she was okay– he noticed that she was heavily intoxicated. Rossman reportedly said, “She’s OK, I got it”. Oakes then told Corey he should take Lauren home, at which point he cursed at Oakes. An altercation ensued, and Oakes punched him. Rossman claims that the punch caused him to lose memory of the events that happened that night.

According to USA Today, a surveillance video shows Rossman helping a very intoxicated Spierer out of the building shortly after being punched. “He carried her for part of the way to his townhouse up the street.”

3. He Graduated From the Kelley School of Business With a Bachelor’s in Finance and Real Estate

According to Rossman’s LinkedIn profile, the Indiana University graduate received a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Real Estate in 2014. His activities at school included the Kelley School of Business Real Estate Club, Civic Leadership Development Club, Harold E. Eisenberg Real Estate Conference and Career Day.

Reading, golf, music, world travel, and basketball are listed under his interests.

4. Lauren’s Parents Filed a Civil Suit Against Him

In May 2013, Robert and Charlene Spierer filed a civil suit against Corey Rossman, Mike Beth, and Jay Rosenbaum, alleging that “their daughter’s status is the result of the defendants’ negligence which included having supplied the underage Lauren with drugs and alcohol.”

Two months later, Beth, Rosenbaum, and Rossman’s attorneys asked a judge to dismiss the suit against their clients. According to Indy Star, “A federal appeals court has upheld the dismissal of a lawsuit filed by the parents of missing Edgemont native and Indiana University student Lauren Spierer against several young men they were seeking to hold liable in the case….The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit in Chicago said Judge Tanya Walton Pratt was right to dismiss the case because Spierer’s parents, Robert and Charlene, failed to prove that either Jason Rosenbaum or Corey Rossman had a ‘duty to care’ for their 20-year-old daughter.”

In regards to Rossman specifically, the appeals court said that though Corey was with Lauren the night she went missing, he was intoxicated himself, and not in a position to effectively take care of another person.

5. He Claims Lauren’s Parents Have Harassed Him

In 2013, Corey told The Journal News, “It’s inappropriate the way they’re harassing people that are also victims in this case. We’ve done nothing wrong. If we’d done something wrong, we would have been arrested already. All they’re doing is hurting my career.”

When asked about losing his memory after being punched by Oakes, Rossman told the news outlet, “I never said that. You’re taking statements that were said by my lawyer. I never said I did or didn’t.”

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