Who Is Afrojack Dating? Does He Have a Girlfriend?

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Afrojack has been relatively quiet about his love life, but he did date one well-known celebrity: Paris Hilton.

Afrojack Disses Paris Hilton as a DJ!Afrojack didn't like Paris Hilton's DJ set at the Pop Music Festival, and thinks she underestimated how tough DJing really is! http://bit.ly/SubClevverNews – Subscribe Now! http://Facebook.com/ClevverNews – Like Us! http://Twitter.com/ClevverNews – Follow Us! Last week, we told you all about Paris Hilton's debut as a DJ at the Pop Music Festival in Brazil, and how it didn't exactly go as smoothly as planned. Well, her former flame and collaborator Afrojack had a chance to see Paris's performance, and it sounds like he wasn't exactly impressed. In an interview with the BPM Sirius XM Radio Staion, 24 year old Afrojack said he was "pissed off" about the blonde heiress becoming a DJ. He also revealed that her set was pre-recorded. While he did acknowledge that they had been working on music together, the whole DJing gig seems to have really blindsided him. He said,"(Paris) trying to become a DJ was a complete surprise to me. I saw the video (of her performance) and I think this proves once and for all that EDM (electronic dance music) is all about skills and quality. It is simply not possible to become a good DJ unless you put lots of hard work and years of sweat in it. I'm afraid Paris underestimated this." Ouch. He went on to explain that being a DJ is so much more than just hitting play on a playlist—telling listeners that it's really hard work, "(knowing) how the laptop programs or CDJs work, you have to know what the equalizer is, what the effects are. You can't just pitch your flanger up and down and wave a flag." So it's kinda crazy that Paris's right-hand man is now speaking out AGAINST her—what do you guys think? Do you think he should keep his comments to himself, or do you think he's really just vocalizing what everyone else is thinking? I'm gonna leave this up to you EDM and music fans below in the comments section, and make sure you hit the subscribe button before you go—You know CLEVVERNEWS keeps you in the know about the top entertainment headlines. Hosted By: Deidre Behar2012-07-03T18:54:03.000Z

Between 2011 and 2012, Afrojack was linked to Hilton. In 2012, he reportedly dumped her, but Hilton’s representatives mysteriously denied that the two had ever dated, according to The Daily Mail. At the time, a source told RadarOnline, “Afrojack had moved into Paris’ Beverly Hills mansion earlier this year, and the two got very serious. But Afrojack just wanted to have fun and not be exclusive with anyone.”

The DJ has a daughter, Vegas, from a previous relationship with a Dutch model named Amanda Balk. In an interview with Rolling Stone, he revealed that his priorities lie mainly with Vegas, and that he flies her out for her birthdays and tries to raise her as conventionally as possible. “When I step on stage it’s a rush, it’s a feeling like nothing else. I love making music and creating an amazing, energetic show for the crowd, but the love of my life is my daughter.”

Afrojack also mentioned that his busy career has gotten in the way of them spending time together. He told the magazine, “In this career I have to make a lot of sacrifices and one of those is not getting to be with her all of the time. Being away from my daughter is hard, I hate it, but I know that by me doing this now I can build a beautiful future for her. That’s the most important thing to me, taking care of her and knowing she’ll have every opportunity in life.”

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Afrojack, born Nick an de Wall, was born in Spijkenisse, Netherlands, on September 9, 1987, making him 29. He was raised by his mother, Debbie, who owned a local gym. After making the decision to leave school, Van de Wall spent time studying graphic design before pursuing his career as a DJ.

Afrojack was listed as No. 7 on the DJ Mag’s top 100 DJs of 2011. In 2012, he received the European Border Breakers Award, and his single, The Spark, has become a number 3 hit in Australia and New Zealand, and top 10 in over 7 countries. According to Forbes, Afrojack was the 7th highest-earning DJ in the world as of 2013.