How Many Votes Did Gary Johnson Get in the Presidential Election?

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH - AUGUST 6: Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson talks to a crowd of supporters at a rally on August 6, 2015 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Johnson has spent the day campaigning in Salt Lake City, the home town of former republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. (Photo by George Frey/Getty Images)


Gary Johnson ran an impressive campaign during the presidential election, attracted a strong number of independent voters who felt disenfranchised by the establishment. Gary Johnson did sometimes get featured unfavorably in the news, such as with his now notorious Aleppo comment. And at times, his running mate Bill Weld seemed to almost encourage people to vote for Hillary Clinton instead.

But despite all of this, Johnson ran a strong campaign and got a lot of votes. Exactly how well did he do?

According to the latest results, Johnson brought in 4,042,291 votes. That’s a huge jump over his 2012 campaign, when he brought in 1.2 million votes. Unfortunately, his current number of votes comes in at 3.2 percent, just shy of the 5 percent he needs to qualify the Libertarian party for federal funding in the next election. He did not get any electoral votes.

His highest percentages were in New Mexico at 9.3 percent and North Dakota at 6.3 percent. He also had a few states coming in at over 5 percent.

Johnson may not have gotten 5 percent, but he’s demonstrating that the Libertarians are on an upward trend. And as some supporters have pointed out, with 4 million votes, if every person donated $5, they’d have $20 million in donations and wouldn’t need federal funding for the next presidential election.



Kaz Vorpal

This doesn’t show libertarianism to be on an upward trend, regardless of whether it actually is.

Johnson was such a shitty candidate that libertarians mostly disliked him. Most of his increased vote was just people who hated Trump AND Clinton and wanted to express it.

Michelle Foreman Freed

Yeah that is why the party got more votes than ever in history. And most of the increase for the party support was the people who turned off MSM and did their own research, thought for themselves and liked what Johnson had to say. Most of his voters have woken up to the screw job the two party system is doing to us. Sure I bet there for some who got to the polls seen someone other than Trump or Clintn and voted that way. But the 3+million of voters that voted for him. Most of us did it to make America Sane again.


I’m sure he will take the blame for her loss. Like Hitler and Nixon he won by getting the people who never voted to come out and vote. He spoke to all the people who didn’t get polled because they haven’t voted in years but whose views had been under attack at one time or another for the last eight years. They didn’t so much vote for him as they voted against what they saw as a threat to their values. Plenty of republicans like myself voted for Johnson and most likely vote against trump again in four years.


Hitler didn’t win an election. He ran against Hindenberg and lost, but his party won the largest voting block in the legislature (about 1/3). Hindenberg wanted to quit, but his party convinced him to stay as President because they felt he was the only person who could keep the Nazi’s at bay. Hidenberg was old, though, and didn’t want to run another election. Thankfully (wut?) they legislature had the power to suspend elections, but because the Nazi’s had such a large voting block, they couldn’t do it without their support. So Hindenberg offered Hitler the position of Chanceler in exchange for canceling the next Presidental election. And the Nazi’s agreed! After that, there was a fire in the legislative building that was blamed on the communists, an emergency election was held and the Nazis took full control, outlawed communists and went hog wild.

Rosalind Rogoff

Yup. That’s exactly how I felt too. Gary Johnson would have been a much better President than either Hillary or Trump. He’s more qualified to run the country than Trump (Ouch!) and more honest than Hillary. I was really hoping for an upset, but not the one we got.


I really am disappointed we didn’t get the 5% needed. That would have been the signal to the political stage that we’re tired of the 2 party monopoly. Actually thought we would be at least 10%. Disappointed but not giving in. The libertarian party needs to focus on the house and senate, where it can grow membership.


It’s almost the end of Nov and we’re still weeks away from final election tallys. It takes a long time to finish counting all the absentee and early votes and well as certify close races. Both Clinton and Johnson have increased their percentage, and Johnson might still get 5%.


The libertarian party needs to focus on replacing plurality voting with Range Voting (aka Score Voting). 3rd parties won’t have a chance until we change how we vote.

Maine just got Instant Run Off which is a system that helps prevent weak third parties from “spoiling” an election between two main contenders, but the spoiler effects come back as soon as the third party starts doing well. IRV is just another way to preserve the 2-party dominance.

3rd parties need to put support behind any of Range Voting, Condorcet, Ranked Pairs, Approval, Path Voting (aka Schultze Method for Ranked Choice), Two-Round, or Equal Vote. I think Range is best (simple, almost always elects the Condorcet winner, spoiler-proof, clone-proof), but really any on this list has been shown to inhibit 2-party dominance.

Kaz Vorpal

> Yeah that is why the party got more votes than ever in history

That ignores what I just said, which already refutes it.

They got only twice as many votes, despite there being ten times that number of people who wanted desperately to vote for someone other than Trump and Clinton.

This is because they were bad. They were only token libertarians, corrupt, and incompetent. Typical national Libertarian Party…ironic, since they are NOT actually LP, but are failed Republicans carpetbagging the party.

> And most of the increase for the party support was
> the people who turned off MSM and did their own research,
> thought for themselves and liked what Johnson had to say.

Based on what…your experience as someone who talks to their circle on facebook?

The increase was mostly people who simply hated Trump and Clinton. MANY were voting for Johnson as a protest, not out of support for his incompetence.


I disagree. It was the inherent fear mongering nature of Plurality Voting. The Plurality system has always used a degree of fear to motivate people to stick to one of two parties, but if that fear was originally a little 19th century stove that used to only flare up sometimes, since 1996, liquid oxygen had been increasingly thrown into it. The internet age amps up the fear factor by several orders of magnitude, killing reason, creating increasingly extreme and uncompromising candidates that use that fear above all else to keep people in the two camps, even when a majority clearly want something in between these extremes, in the end fear wins out for most of them, which then turns to fury when they lose. Don’t think it can’t get worse. I fully expect someone even more extreme then Hillary, Sanders or Obama to be the dem nominee in four years.
No, Plurality+Internet+time=FATALITY, Civil War will be inevitable, and possibly the disintegration of the Union.
To stop this, we HAVE to instill a new way of voting, one that takes fear out of the equation. Rank Choice Voting, or maybe its cousin, Approval Voting, are the only possible solutions. Maine is experimenting with Rank Choice Voting this year on the local level, and it appears to be a success, but, frankly, we can’t wait 6-8 years for other states to dabble on before putting it up for national Referendum. We have to have it in place at least for all states by next midterm. That means we have to have a Special Ballot on the matter ready to vote on by this time next year, so the new system can be in place by midterms. This will force candidates to radically alter their tactics for winning over voters. Using fear will not win people over via Rank Voting, quite the opposite, it tends to at least make them the second choice, usually third or worse. Someone like Trump or Hillary could not get anywhere that way.


People who protest vote don’t tend to donate money(libertarians raised more money than ever.) So…. Your derogatory statements makes no sense.


Well said. I read up on Johnson and made up my mind long before election day!


I didn’t like the two big spenders….I chose limited government.
Gary Johnson

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