Saying Goodbye to Obama: All The Tweets You Need to See

Thanks to the Nov. 8 election, Obama will be saying goodbye to the White House… but he won’t be leaving until January. Even so, many Twitter users have opted to say goodbye to Obama and his family early.

Some are truly saddened to say goodbye to Obama:

Others are excited to see the democratic president go:

Which are you — excited or sad?




Exactly! You’ve done enough terrible damage to this country. Get the heck out and please, stay away from politics! You’ve been an absolute disaster for the world! And thanks to you obama, many people have lost their lives, poverty in America has grown enormously and overall confidence throughout the country is at one of its all time lows! You’ve been the biggest joke on America this country has ever seen, unfortunately perpetuated by the people by voting you in! Now, as you once so gracefully said, “elections have consequences!” Bye!

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