Inauguration Map: Where Is the Swearing-In Ceremony & Parade?



The Inauguration ceremony is taking place today starting at 9:30 a.m. Eastern, although the swearing-in ceremony itself doesn’t start until later. President-Elect Donald Trump will be sworn in at approximately noon. But exactly where is the Inauguration and where can you find seats? It’s not as complicated as it might sound.

The tickets have been distributed on a color-coded basis: silver, orange, green yellow, blue, and red. However, attending by general admission does not require a ticket, because these seats are farther away from the main event. If you are attending with a color-coded ticket, then you’ll have to go through a security checkpoint. Security gates open at 6 a.m. Eastern.

Color-Coded Ticket Map

Here is a map color-coded to show where each ticket set can be seated:

D.C. Inauguration Road Closure Map

Are you more interested in a map of road closures? See the following map below, provided by Google:

You can also see a road closure and vehicle restricted map provided by the Secret Service here or below.

(Secret Service)

(Secret Service)

Inaugural Parade Route Map

Want to know where the parade is headed? Google has provided a map for that too.


Pedestrian Walking Routes

The Secret Service has released a pedestrian walking map for Inauguration day. You can see it here or view it below.

(Secret Service)

(Secret Service)

Interactive Map for Crowds

Washington officials have also put together an interactive map to help crowds know where to go. It shows street closures, transit stops, medical stations, and warming tents. You can access the map at this link, either on a computer or via mobile device. Or you can view the embedded map below, if the embed works: