Santa Rosa & Sonoma Fire Live Stream: Watch Local Streams for Live Updates

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Fires in California have been forcing mass evacuations, ravaging nearby areas and leaving at least one person dead. Two major fires have been burning today, one in Santa Rosa’s wine country and one in Anaheim, but other fires have also been raging in other parts of California at the same time. The feed above rotates among local and national news coverage.

A large part of Santa Rosa was evacuated, including two local hospitals. At least 1,500 structures have been destroyed and two people have died.

The Tubbs fire in Napa Valley has burned 20,000 acres so far, and the Nuns fire in Sonoma has destroyed 30 acres. Meanwhile, the Atlas fire — south of Lake Berryessa in Napa Valley — has destroyed 5,000 acres.

Below is a feed from Fox 10:

FNN: Massive Santa Rosa fires, Anaheim Hills Canyon Fire 2, White House vs. NFL showdownBrought to you by Desert Diamond: Sharing a mix of breaking news, Arizona stories, engaging discussions, and popular culture.2017-10-10T04:41:34.000Z

Another local feed below:

CC Sky 7 ABC Live Sonoma Napa County Fires North Bay CA Santa Rosa10/9/2017 Earthquake in S.We are streaming through the nightly news after many requests. Watch live on the ABC 7 Website if you are able (must activate your Flash) if you can: Now in closed caption. MAP OF THE FIRES: CONSTANT UPDATES BELOW: 14 Fires in 8 Northern California Counties – North Bay Fires – "Ash Falling…2017-10-10T05:55:15.000Z

We will update this post with more live streams as they become available.

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