What’s the Symbol on Jarrod Ramos’ Twitter Profile Photo?

Twitter What is the symbol Jarrod Ramos used on his Twitter account?

Jarrod Ramos, the suspect identified in the five shooting deaths at the Capital Gazette in Maryland, had a strange Twitter account. Since 2012, he had made more than 800 angry tweets about people from the Capital and talked about a lawsuit he filed that had been dismissed. Among the strange things on his account is his profile photo, which is actually a picture of Eric Hartley, not him, with a strange symbol photoshopped on top. What is that symbol and what does it mean? Read on for more details.

Ramos actually uses the symbol more than once on his Twitter account. The most prominent use is seen on the profile photo of Hartley.


But he also photoshopped the symbol on a photo of Tom Marquardt.


The symbol is taken directly from a Japanese manga fantasy series called Berserk. According to a wiki about the symbol, it’s called “The Brand of Sacrifice” in the manga. The wiki explains: “The Brand of Sacrifice (生贄の焼印 Ikenie no Yakīn?) marks those for a sacrificial ceremony in which an apostle or God Hand is created. The sacrificed, usually someone close and dear to the summoner, is then ritualistically murdered, with the deceased’s life force used to complete the summoner’s transition into either an apostle or a member of the God Hand.”

The wiki goes on to explain that branded humans who survive then reside in an “Interstice” between the physical and astral worlds, fighting against creatures of darkness. The brand trickles out blood around evil spirits, but the brand will inflict agonizing pain near a “God Hand” member. When a human wants to be reborn as an apostle, their sacrifice must be someone close to them, and in the case of “the Eclipse,” the sacrifice must be even greater, the wiki explains. Sometimes the sacrifice doesn’t have to be someone who is loved or a living human, but something of significant importance.

It’s unclear exactly what Ramos intended by using the symbol, and at this time it’s not known if he ever actually wrote about the symbol or the manga.

Berserk is a manga with roots that go far back. The Japanese dark fantasy manga series first started in 1988 and still continues today. It has 39 volumes and is written and illustrated by Kentaro Miura, and is set in a medieval-inspired fantasy world. The story centers around Guts, a lone mercenary, and Griffith, the leader of the Band of the Hawk. The manga premiered in 1988 with a 48-page prototype and the first volume was published in 1990. New chapters are still released. Two video games have also been based on Berserk.

A Japanese anime TV series from 1997 to 1998 was also made based on Berserk, called Berserk: The Chronicles of Wind Blades. This series contained 25 half-hour episodes. Yet another series was made in 2016, also called Berserk. A second season of this anime season premiered in April 2017.

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