Rogue White House Senior Advisor: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Rogue WH Snr Advisor

Getty The White House

Rogue and alternative Trump administration-era Twitter accounts are that: not official but from inside an agency, or with contacts from within an agency, or former officials or private citizens like scientists.

Or, in the case of Rogue White House Senior Advisor, known as Rogue WH Snr Advisor or by its handle, @RogueSNRAdvisor, the insider is in the West Wing, reportedly. And quite obviously anonymous.

Followed by 200,000 including thousands of verified accounts of journalists from the Atlantic to the Times to Reuters, pundits and scientists, former (and current) White House insiders like Anthony Scaramucci, who served as Trump’s director of communications for about a week, and everyday folks from the left, right and center. Senior advisor follows only 85 accounts that are mostly a spectrum of journalists but also folks like, well, Donald Trump Jr. James Comey, Sebastian Gorka and Trump himself.

Rogue senior advisor is undeniably anti-Trump, but in the last tweet before the coming out on Instagram, said, the inevitable must be faced:

“What you have to realize is that Trump voters do not care that Trump is a traitor. Long term, this has to be our greatest challenge – how do we change the minds of people whose minds have been warped? Because at some point, we’re going to have to.”

Early Sunday morning, Rogue WH Snr Advisor did something that was at once a tease and an opportunity for sleuths, especially those good with voices or with voice recognition software and a lot of time on their hands: @RogueWHSnrAdvisor, from inside the White House supposedly, recorded a 10-second video, all black screen and just a baritone voice to its brand new five-day-old Instagram.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. ‘Listen, I Can’t Tell You Who I Am. The Only Thing I Can Tell You is One Day I Will Tell You’

So far, the account that often has upwards of 10,000 likes and sometimes far more per tweet, hasn’t seen much tremendous interest on Twitter with a little more than 600 likes, but the actual post on Instagram has nearly 3,000 views. Comments on both Twitter and Instagram range from the ‘oh, brother’ to the ‘tell me more.’

While some had argued the rogue administration accounts were actually now-former staffers including Steve Bannon, there’s been enough investigation for at least hundreds of thousands to mostly hang on to its every tweet. This insider, who tweets from inside the West Wing, unlike Rogue WH Staff which it was reported once tweeted from inside Java Shack which is housed in an Arlington Franklin Road location that was the headquarters of the American Nazi Party; that led to a lot of speculation about its authenticity and motives.

But Rouge WH SNR Advisor has at worst been accused of doctoring Trump’s alleged, and absurd, food requirements for his trip to the Middle East.

2. The Two Most Followed Alleged West Wing Insider Accounts Are Rogue POTUS Staff & Rogue WH SNR Advisor. Both Have Been Called Out by Alt-Gov Sites as Bogus

Rogue WH SNR Advisor

Rogue WH SNR Advisor Twitter account

Rogue White House or West Wing insiders are different from the alt-gov largely Resistance movement guided. These accounts comment on Trump policy reversals, but comment regularly on the Trump news of the day, predict and foretell scandals to come, share curious, if perhaps bogus, details of the day-to-day, share the the infighting and drama in the Oval and provide insights and windows for followers.

One that’s lasted since its first tweet on January 27 is the Rogue WH Snr Advisor with 200,000 followers. Undone count-wise by Rogue WH Staff with four times that, the account nonetheless is followed by hundreds of verifieds and its tweets have been quoted ad nasueam in mainstream, alternative and outlier media.

There are others, but it’s Rogue WH Snr Advisor, Angry WH Staffer and Rogue POTUS Staff with 800,000 followers, that have survived and in some cases, thrive.

Indeed, Rogue POTUS Staff has a digital book coming out which garnered no small amount of head-shaking, chagrin and mockery.

And it has its own website.

3. Alt-Gov Twitter Kicked it Off With the National Park Service’s Badlands Account. Alt-Gov Accounts Are Employees, Current & Former

Four days after the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States, the Twitter for the National Park Service’s Badlands park went rogue and began tweeting climate science facts. Days before the new administration shuttered the EPA Twitter account. Badlands was described as “bad-ass” and boldly posted a succession of global warming facts.

The account was countering the Trump stance on climate change: it’s a Chinese hoax.

The NPS said its Badlands park account had been taken over by a former employee and that person, who must have had admin access to the account was shut out and replaced with a voice of more pedestrian and favorable verbiage. But within hours, alternative government Twitter accounts popped up.

The alt-government Twitter movement, many admittedly part of the Resistance, mostly grew out of the administration’s dismissal of facts and science. The Alt-Immigration account is one that is no holds barred.

And it, like many other alt-gov accounts, call bullshit on the accounts of alleged White House insiders, including Rogue WH Snr Advisor.

4. ‘We Are Alt Gov & We’re Not Going Anywhere’

Few believe that the alternative government accounts are bogus.

Many of these accounts, clearly say the account is a Resistance account in its Twitter bio. Most also make clear that they are separate from the government and the agencies and are run by citizens and are not using tax dollars.

“Whoever is running these accounts, they all seem to be after a similar mission: providing people with facts amongst current and future government censorship,” HuffPo reported.

Clearly these are staffers revolting against Trump administration 180s on Obama-era policies related to science and technology. Agencies related to the environment and immigration, for example. And more. Lots more. Alt account for the EPA, NASA,and alphabet soup agencies USDA, NOAA, FDA, the departments of labor, state, national security, you get the idea. A good cleaning house is the Alt Science, Space & Tech account of scientists.

5. Here’s a Handy Round-Up of the ‘Best of’ @RogueSNRAdvisor Tweets of Late Based on Engagement