Zsa Zsa, the World’s Ugliest Dog, Dies Days After Winning Her Title

World's Ugliest Dog

Facebook Zsa Zsa, the World's Ugliest Dog, tragically passed away just days after winning her esteemed title, her devastated owner confirmed Tuesday afternoon.

Zsa Zsa, the world’s ugliest dog, died just nine short days after winning the title, according to NBC’s the Today Show. Zsa Zsa, a 9-year-old English bulldog who captured the prestigious puppy title a little over a week ago, passed away in her sleep Tuesday morning, her owner Megan Brainard told Today.

Zsa Zsa won the 2018 World’s Ugliest Dog contest a little over a week before she crossed the rainbow bridge Tuesday morning. Brainard said Zsa Zsa’s death was “devastating” and that she and her family were still processing her passing, according to the Today show.

Her Crooked Teeth, Rounded Legs & Floppy Tongue Won Over the Judges, Who Granted Her the Title

Her muscular, rounded front legs, crooked teeth, large underbite and floppy tongue won over the competition’s judges, who granted her family the $1,500 prize for winning the contest. She beat a terrier with dreadlocks named Scamp to take home the win. She had some tough competition to beat besides Scamp however; according to Fox News, she was up against a “blackhead-covered Chinese Crested-Dachshund mutt, a bulldog mix with excess wrinkly skin and a Pekingese named Wild Thang,” who were all competing for the title of the World’s Ugliest Dog. Zsa Zsa beat them all.

The 2018 contest was the 30th annual competition and helps raise awareness for dog adoption. Event organizers say the event is “a fun and silly way to advocate that all animals deserve a safe and loving home.”

Zsa Zsa’s Owner Rescued Her From a Puppy Mill & Named Her After the Hungarian Legend Zsa Zsa Gabor

According to the Today show, Brainard drove more than 30 hours from Anoka, Minnesota to San Francisco to enroll Zsa Zsa in the contest, as Zsa Zsa herself was rescued from a puppy mill after Brainaird found her on PetFinder.com. Brainard named the sweet, lovable pup after the Hollywood legend Zsa Zsa Gabor, because the pretty pooch enjoyed lounging on the couch “like a beautiful model.”

Brainard had recently brough Zsa Zsa on the Today show to celebrate her victory, just days before her sudden, devastating death.

“She knew she was special,” Brainard told the Today show. “She never really showed much excitement but yes, she was definitely living it up after she won.”

Brainard and the rest of Zsa Zsa’s family hosted a ceremony for her in their back yard to honor the pup. “We take millions of pictures in my family, so now we have her face everywhere to remind us of her,” Brainard told Today.

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