Ocasio Cortez Is Telling Kids to Fight Trump

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the Democratic candidate for Congress in New York, is telling kids they need to help “fight” against Trump. You can see the video, which Ocasio-Cortez posted to her website on Sunday night, here.

The clip shows Ocasio Cortez with Jumaane Williams, a New York City council member who is running on Cynthia Nixon’s ticketa to be lieutenant governor of New York.

Ocasio Cortez and Williams were in a park in Corona, Queens, talking to a group of kids. Ocasio Cortez tells the kids that she’s a candidate for congress and that she’s going to be “out in DC fighting Trump.” The crowd of kids erupts in cheers. “Yes!” they yell.

Ocasio Cortez says, “but we need your help to fight Trump.” The kids start yelling, “I don’t like Trump!”

Ocasio Cortez says, “So when you go home, you talk to your Mom, your Dad, your aunt, anyone over the age of 18 who can vote. You need to ask your parents to vote. Because if they don’t, then we can’t kick out Trump.”

The kids start to talk excitedly. One kid yells, “He’s deporting all the Dominicans!” Ocasio-Cortez asks the kids if they’re going to help her and they raise their hands.

She concludes, “so the thing that we need to do is, tell your parents to vote for Alexandria in November and Jumaane in September.”

Fox News Says This is Proof That Socialists ‘Indoctrinate Kids’

On Sunday, Fox and Friends played the clip of Ocasio Cortez with the kids in Corona. They made some pretty dire pronouncements about Ocasio Cortez and her brand of socialism. Abby Huntsman warned, “Parents, this is what socialists do for kids. They don’t help kids. They organize kids. They indoctrinate kids. That’s what she’s doing. That’s what Social Justice Warriors like her are best at.”

Pete Hegseth says, “There’s just so much disinformation. You channel that, you feed into the disinformation to teach kids to hate your sitting commander in chief.” He claims that one of the kids in the video said Trump was deporting Puerto Ricans and points out that this is a case of false information.

In fact, a kid in the video says that Trump is deporting Dominicans.

Someone Has Already Compared Ocasio-Cortez to Hitler

Reactions to Ocasio Cortez’s video were extreme on social media. It didn’t take long before someone compared the New York politician to Hitler:

Another Twitter user asked, “Just how bad does a person have to be before someone in authority shuts them down?”

Others said that she was being paid by “Sanders and Soros” — Bernie Sanders and George Soros:




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