Cesar Sayoc’s Criminal History Dates Back Nearly 30 Years

Cesar Sayoc 2002 mugshot

BCSO Cesar Sayoc 2002 mugshot

Cesar Altieri Sayoc, 56, could die in prison.

Sayoc has been charged by the U.S. Department of Justice with five felonies in connection with the attempted mailing of 13 pipe bombs to prominent former and current Democrat government officials, including former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, as well as private and other public figures. The Department of Justice has brought five charges against Sayoc in the Southern District of New York: interstate transportation of an explosive; the illegal mailing of explosives; making threats against former presidents and certain other persons; making threatening interstate communications; and assaulting federal officers.

Special Report: Mail bomb suspect Cesar Sayoc charged with 5 federal crimesThe Florida man accused of sending IEDs to several top Democrats across the country is now facing federal charges. Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the arrest, and FBI Director Christopher Wray said they tracked Sayoc down from a fingerprint.2018-10-26T20:04:48.000Z

This is not the first time Sayoc has faced the law. Looking at his record, one might be safe saying he’s a career criminal. But it may be the first time he’ll end up doing any time. From 1990 to present, he’s been arrested at least a dozen times but has spent virtually no time incarcerated.

Here’s what you need to know about Sayoc’s criminal history:

Born in Brooklyn, Sayoc Spent Much of His Life in Florida. His Criminal Record Goes Back Decades

Sayoc’s criminal history was located through federal court records, records from Miami-Dade, Palm Beach and Broward counties in Florida.

1991: In Broward County, Florida he was charged with grand theft, third-degree felony. Adjudicated guilty, given 2 years probation. His grandmother Viola Altieri paid his $1,000 bail.

1992: In Miami-Dade County he was charged with theft. The file has been destroyed.

1993: In Broward County he was charged with violating probation in the grand theft case.

1994: In Broward County Sayoc was accused of domestic violence by his grandmother Viola. The case included a number of ex-parte decisions but ultimately is listed as disposed.

From 1994 until 2001, in Miami, Palm Beach and Broward counties, he had no run-ins with the law based on a cursory review of court records. In 2002, that changed beginning with two parking violations but soon escalated.

2002: In Miami-Dade County he was charged with making a bomb threat. Now widely reported, it’s the resolution of the case, where he threatened to bomb the electric company, Florida Power & Light, that has some wondering how one is able to threaten to use explosives on a public agency akin to what was seen on Sept. 11, 2001, and walk away with a year probation.

2004: In Broward County he was charged with multiple drug offenses including possession and sale of illegal steroids, using an illegal driver license, criminal use of identification, tampering with evidence, and filing fraudulent refunds. He pleaded out to two charges and got 18 months probation. Authorities declined to prosecute on the other numerous charges. This case was duplicated and listed in records as being adjudicated in drug court. The are both the same case that includes a total of 9 charges.

2006 and 2007: In Broward County two traffic violations.

2009: In Broward County he was charged with criminal traffic violations including driving without a license and without insurance. He was convicted but his sentence, if any, is not made clear in records.

2010-2012: In Broward County he had seven different traffic violations cases which included charges like running a red light, speeding, driving with a suspended license, without a seat belt, without insurance, and the like.

2013: In Broward County he was charged with felony battery and grand theft in the third degree. He was given probation again. He violated and was re-arrested in 2015 and held without bond, albeit temporarily, on the battery charge.

2014: In Broward County he was again charged with theft.

2014: In Miami-Dade County he was charged with petty theft. He agreed to pay around $400 in fines and was let go. He paid with a credit card over four months.

2015: In Broward County he was charged with violating probation and was re-arrested and held without bond. He was adjudicated guilty and given time served in jail, which was six days, and another year of probation.

2015: In Palm Beach County he was charged with theft. Adjudicated guilty, records show, but no sentence is listed.

In total, he has served less than a week in jail, according to available online court records.

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