Women’s March 2020: What We Know So Far About the Next Event

Womens March 2020


Hundreds of thousands of people across the country have been participating in Women’s March events this weekend. Although most of the events are taking place today, January 19, some are going to happen tomorrow too. The events around the country were led mostly by local leaders, while the D.C. event marked a return to the Women’s March roots, after last year’s event was held in Las Vegas for a “Power to the Polls” focus. Do we know anything yet about the Women’s March 2020 event? Or when the next Women’s March events will be happening?

It seems likely that the Women’s March organization will have another anniversary event in January 2020, but the organization hasn’t announced anything specific yet. There was a lot of controversy before this year’s event, so it’s also possible that things might change a bit by the time January 2020 arrives. Throughout this past year, the Women’s March had numerous actionable events to encourage people to vote. If you want to stay informed about a Women’s March 2020 event and everything happening between now and then, keep an eye on the following sources: The Women’s March website, the official Women’s March Facebook page, and the official Women’s March Twitter page.

Because of how Facebook is organizing its newsfeed now, you might miss seeing updates about the Women’s March on your timeline. So on Facebook, you’ll want to “Like” the page and then, under “Following,” choose to turn on notifications and “See First” in your newsfeed. If you’re following them on Twitter, you’ll want to click on “Turn on Mobile Notifications” if you want to make sure you see every tweet they make.

Of course, you don’t have to wait a year to be involved in the Women’s March again. The Women’s March is active throughout the year, not just in January. If you follow their Facebook or Twitter accounts listed above, you’ll be notified the next time they host a big event or ask their followers to take action online.