Who Is Michael Avenatti’s Wife? Is the Attorney Married?

Michael Avenatti wife


Michael Avenatti does not have a wife as he is not currently married. The attorney, most recently known for representing adult-film actress Stormy Daniels in her lawsuit against President Donald Trump, has been arrested, accused of four counts of wire and bank fraud.

Avenatti has been married twice; once to Christine Avenatti Carlin for 13 years. He later married Lisa Storie-Avenatti with whom he had a son. The two split in 2017.

Here’s what you need to know:

He Has 2 Kids With His First Wife, Christine Avenatti Carlin

Avenatti was married to Christine Avenatti Carlin for 13 years. The two raised two daughters together and are still amicable. In fact, when Avenatti faced domestic violence accusations last year, his ex-wife came to his defense.

“I have known @MichaelAvenatti for over 26 years we met when he was 21 years old and we were married for 13 years. Michael has ALWAYS been a kind loving father to our two daughters and husband to me. He has NEVER been abusive to me or anyone else. He is a good man,” she tweeted.

He & Lisa Storie Got Divorced in 2017

Lisa Storie Avenatti

LinkedInLisa Storie

Avenatti married Lisa Storie in May 2011, and the former couple has one son together (he is now 4 years old). Storie is a businesswoman and entrepreneur with her own luxury clothing business called Ikaria Resort Wear.

“Lisa Storie, founder of Ikaria Resort Wear, first set her gaze on the Pacific Ocean in Santa Monica as a teen and was immediately entranced by brilliantly blue bodies of water. That impactful sight set her on a course exploring vibrant, diverse cultures and chic coastal destinations, from the captivating islands of Indonesia and Greece to dramatic beaches in Spain and Italy. Lisa’s half-Japanese heritage drew her to explore the home of her maternal family, and forge lasting friendships with kindred spirits of all backgrounds and ways of life,” reads her bio on the company’s website.

Avenatti filed for divorce in 2017. The former couple’s divorce proceedings went on for more than one year, according to ABC News.

He Dated Mareli Miniutti & She Accused Him of Being Physically Abusive

Mareli Miniutti

Facebook/Mareli MiniuttiMareli Miniutti pictured on her Facebook page in 2013.

After his divorce from Lisa Storie, Avenatti dated Mareli Miniutti, a 24-year-old actress from Los Angeles.

According to Miniutti’s IMDb page, she starred in Ocean’s 8. She recently filmed, Sargasso and Crypto, both set for release later this year.

Avenatti dated Miniutti for about a year. Last fall, Miniutti accused Avenatti of being physically abusive — claims that he vehemently denied.

“I want to be clear: I DID NOT commit domestic violence nor have I ever committed domestic violence. I did not strike any woman nor have I ever. I did not strike my ex-wife in the face nor did I hit anyone else in the face. I am a decent man & I look forward to being exonerated,” Avenatti tweeted at the time.

The charges were dropped on February 1, 2019.