Steven Greener, Tamron Hall’s Husband: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Steven Greener Tamron Hall

Tamron Hall - Instagram Page

Fans of Tamron Hall might be overjoyed. Hall found herself leaving the Today show on NBC, back in 2017. But, that chapter’s in the past. As of today, the former Today Show co-host revealed that she would be having a baby. She made the announcement through social media, which is proving to be a powerful tool when compared to traditional television. It’s one of the biggest ironies that the internet would be the most primary medium for TV journalists to empower their voices (and, yes, we are grateful)!

Nonetheless, Hall revealed through Instagram that she’d be having the baby with her husband, “Steven,” as she called him. Who’s this mystery “Steven,” Hall’s husband, to whom she refers?

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Steven Greener Is an Accomplished Music Executive

Though not much has been said about Steven Greener in the same massively public domain as Hall, Monday marked his introduction to the media at large. Hall is getting her own show, which will be called “Tamron Hall,” which will debut on 9-9-19 (WATCH teaser above)–and Greener himself is a music (and entertainment) executive and a pretty accomplished one.

Greener oversees the music talent management division at Primary Wave Entertainment, which owns the copyrights to over 15,000 songs from the catalogs of such artists such as Smokey Robinson, Kurt Cobain, Steven Tyler, John Lennon, Def Leppard, and Hall & Oates, among many others. This huge independent publisher also houses Cee Lo Green, Fantasia, Melissa Etheridge, Brandy, Cypress Hill, Eric Benét, Yanni, among others. Greener is a partner at the company.

Fun Fact: Greener began his career working alongside Benny Medina, managing Will Smith–and has produced many films.

2. Steven Greener & Tamron Hall Have Been Married in Secret

It’s hard to say when Greener and Hall got married because Hall has remained perfectly coy about her love life. This coyness is not surprising for a journalist, especially one in the national eye.

One glaring clue, though, was that Hall did indeed tell Steve Harvey about her love life. During an interview with Harvey in 2017, Hall had mentioned that she was seeing someone “in the entertainment industry.”

The someone turns out to be Greener, whom she referred to by saying, “my husband and I,” in her social media post. Monday marked the first reference to Greener that Hall had ever made on her Instagram account or on a public forum for fans to check out.

3. Steven Greener & Tamron Hall Are Said to Be in ‘Constant Prayer’ Over Her Pregnancy

Though Greener and Hall are excited and happy about the pregnancy, they understand the risks involved. They seem to be having a very loving and careful time preparing for the baby.

Hall announced with a glow of excitement that she and Greener were “in constant prayer.” Even though the baby is doing well, she said that pregnancy was not without its concerns.

When all is said and done, the couple is quite far along into the pregnancy. Hall is revealed to be at 32 weeks now. She’s rocking along.

4. Steven Greener Reportedly Got Hall a Massive Wedding Ring

As you can tell from her Instagram video and photo, Greener “liked it and put a ring on it,” in the words of Beyonce. Hall can be seen showing off a massive ring.

Hall is 48 years old. The smiling bride shows off her sizable ring in the social media post above. Check out Hall’s Instagram page for more photos.

5. Though Tamron Hall Has Remained Coy About Her Relationships Over the Years, She Happily Posted a Photo of Steven Greener on Instagram

Steven Greener Tamron Hall married

Tamron Hall – Instagram Page

Sometimes, one just decides that “The One” is just “The One,” and one shouts it for the world to hear. In this case, Hall has broken a bit of silence and placed her man front and center–with photos to back up the joy and happiness.

Shown in her Instagram post is Greener clanking a glass with Hall, enjoying what appears to be a very relaxing time out. The couple seems to be all smiles. And now, after some courtship and marriage, the two are ready for their bundle of joy.

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