Texas Nomads SAR: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Texas Nomads SAR

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Texas Nomads SAR’s planned protest at Texas State University in Austin has resulted in the arrest of four people on May 1, thought to be counter-protesters. It’s not clear if the Texas Nomads ever made it to the campus on the day the march was planned. SAR stands for Sons of the American Revolution.

The mission statement on the Texas Nomads SAR’s Facebook page says that the group is “an organization of everyday people who are prepared to stand up and protect our streets and communities.” The group describes its members as “your neighbors, friends, blue collar workers, veterans and others from all walks of life.” The group says that they “support our police and first responders!” The statement goes on to say the Nomads believe in “protecting those attacked and targeted for expressing their God given rights guaranteed by the constitution.”

The conclusion of the statement reads, “We believe our veterans and warriors should come before refugees and illegal criminals. As Americans we know radical Islam and sharia law have no place in this country. We are ready to stand against anyone who shows themselves to be an enemy of this country and our way of life!”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. ‘Only Students’ Were Involved in the Disturbances at TSU on May 1

Texas Nomads SAR Facebook page

Facebook/Texas Nomads SAR

Videos and photos of the May 1 protest were spread across Twitter. San Marcos is located 60 miles northeast of San Antonio. The San Marcos Record reports that all four of those who were arrested are students at TSU.

In a statement, the Texas State University police said that there had been “an incident on the quad.” While the school said that the confrontation involved “only students.” The charges facing those students have not been made public. Speaking to KXAN, a student said that the others have been arrested “for getting into a fight with a white supremacist.”

2. The Nomads Planned to Protest TSU Over the Banning of Turning Point USA

The Texas Nomads SAR had planned a protest on the campus over the student government’s vote to ban a chapter of the conservative group Turning Point USA from the school.

The Texas Nomads SAR had originally planned to march on the TSU campus on April 23. The Texas Student Government informed students that the march had been moved to May 1. That tweet from the student government said, “Please continue to be vigilant and stay safe. As information becomes available we will keep you informed. Report any criminal activity to UPD 911.”

A follow-up message from the student government read in part, “While the group is allowed to assemble and march on campus, we strongly insist that you DO NOT engage with this group under any circumstances and for your safety, please STAY AWAY.”

On May 1, the Texas State University Police Department said that there would be an enhanced police presence on campus on the day of the Nomads march.

The TSU Dean of Students Dr. Maragriata Arellano said in on open letter regarding the Nomads protest, “As a public university, Texas State must allow individuals to express their First Amendment rights in public places like our campuses. The viewpoints expressed by these outside groups, however, may contradict the university’s shared values including the diversity of people and ideas, a spirit of inclusiveness, a global perspective, and fostering a sense of community.” Dr. Arellano reiterated her wish that rather than counter-protest, students who disagree with the Nomads’ protest should avoid the group.

3. The Group Made the News in March 2018 After Members Were Involved in a Brawl With Anti-Confederacy Protesters

In March 2018, the Nomads were involved in a brawl at the Texas Independence Day parade. Spectrum News Austin reported that the group was there to protect the Sons of the Confederacy float after it had been threatened. Jeremy Brooks of the Nomads told the station, “They made threats prior to this event that they were going to fall in and cause problems with the Confederates flying the Confederate flag.” The report added that one of the Nomads was taken away in handcuffs and that it was not clear who started the brawl.

4. The Manager of the Nomads Facebook Page Regulalry Posts in Favor of President Donald Trump

Christopher Ritchie Texas Nomads SAR

Facebook/Christopher RitchieChristopher Ritchie manages the Texas Nomads SAR Facebook page.

According to his Facebook page, the Texas Nomads SAR page is managed by Christopher Ritchie. On his personal page, Ritchie regularly posts in favor of President Donald Trump, gun rights and Israel while speaking out against a woman’s right to choose, Rep. Ilhan Omar and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

5. In March 2019, the Nomads Attempted to Disrupt an International Working Women’s Day March

In March 2019, the Popular Women’s Movement wrote on their website that they encountered members of the Texas Nomads SAR while they marched in support of International Working Women’s Day. The PWM described themselves as overcoming the Nomads “fascist harassment.” The PWM said that the encountered three members of the Nomads, including Christopher Ritchie. The PWM alleges that Ritchie “yelled multiple misogynistic slurs, demanding that women in the march make him a sandwich.”

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