WATCH: Florida Gender Reveal via Pet Alligator

WATCH: Florida Gender Reveal via Pet Alligator

WJXT/Facebook A classic Florida gender-reveal party

Only in Florida would a baby’s gender be revealed through the teeth of a pet alligator. According to WTVT, a Tampa couple found out the sex of their future child after their pet alligator popped a black balloon, revealing pink powder symbolizing the sex of a girl.

The father, Chad Wright, is nuisance wildlife trapper for Florida Fish and Wildlife. The alligator, named “Amos” has been in their family since 2000, per WTVT.

The mother and the woman on the left in the pink dress is Stacie Childs-Wright.

The video shows Chad at a safe distance with a long contraption with a black balloon stuck to the end of it. It took a couple of chomps for Amos to pop the balloon, but he managed to get the crowd excited as the Wrights will be expecting a girl.

“Pay up sucker,” can be heard in the background of the video.

This is the 10th child welcomed to the blended family, according to WTVT.

Although Chad did seem a little disappointed, he’ll be more than excited to welcome his next child into the world in the near future.

“Told you,” Childs-Wright said to her husband at the end of the video.

“No, it can’t be,” another person is heard in the background.

Whether the Wrights were expecting a boy or a girl, Amos will have to be kept on a leash for some time before the future Wright can learn how to handle the family pet.


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