Keith A. Barmore: Who Was Beth Chapman’s First Husband?

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Beth Chapman, who passed away on June 26, at age 51 after suffering a setback from severe complications from her battle with throat cancer, was famous for being professional bail bondsman, and the longtime wife to husband Duane Chapman. Together, they became two of the toughest celebrities in Hollywood as the stars of A&E’s hit reality series, Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Before Beth married Duane “Dog” Chapman, she was married to Keith A. Barmore, 65, who currently lives in Colorado. He was an old buddy of Duane’s, and after dating for 25 days, they were married on August, 26, 1991. They were married for two years and had one child together, a daughter named Cecily in 1993.

Duane Didn’t Like Keith Very Much, Called Their Relationship ‘Abusive’

In Duane’s best-selling memoir, You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide, he wrote, “Keith was no better as an adult than he was as a punk kid. He was a thief with a heroin habit. He would drink beer just to even out from the drugs. It just about broke my heart when I heard Beth was dating him. When I heard they got married, I got physically sick. There couldn’t have been two people in the world who were worse together than Beth and Keith.”

From Duane’s perspective, Beth was allegedly stuck in an abusive relationship, “Friends told me he was abusing her something awful.”

Beth Was Allegedly Already Dating Duane While She Was with Keith

Duane also wrote, “Truth be told, Beth and I were sleeping together the entire time I was married to Tawny and throughout . her marriage to Keith. Beth used to jokingly threaten to take our motel bill to the office and shot it to Tawny unless I promised to show up and spend more time with her. I always Beth book the room in her name, just in case…. Even though we were both married, Beth was still hot in pursuit of my affection.”

Keith and Beth’s Daughter Cecily Followed In Her Stepdad’s Footsteps

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Cecily, who’s now 26, went into the family business. After she graduated from Sacred Hearts Academy in Honolulu, Hawaii, she moved to Denver, Colorado, where much of the family’s reality show was shot. Cecily became certified bail agent like her mother, and reality star. While she’s not super close with her biological father, who has remained out of the spotlight, Cecily shares a very dear relationship with with Duane, who adopted her after he married Beth in 2006.

Beth and Cecily were always close, and as her mother struggled to fight after doctors put her in a medically induced coma earlier this week, she posted this message on Instagram to her beloved mother: “Beth you got this mama come out of this… I command your body to line up with the word of God… you shall live and not die…. I speak life to your body now In JESUS name. I declare healing to take place right now in the mighty of Jesus Name AMEN!!!!”

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