Here’s What Sean Hannity and Paul Manafort Were Texting About

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Thousands of text messages between Sean Hannity and Paul Manafort were made public today as part of a 56-page document released by U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson.

Hannity was a big supporter of Manafort, supporting him throughout the process and claiming that his case was politically motivated and part of a witch hunt led by the Democrats. He discussed Manafort’s trial several times on his nightly news show. He claimed the Mueller probe was a “partisan witch hunt” targeting “several Trump associates” conducted by “deep state operatives” in order to destroy President Trump.

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Text messages reveal that Hannity coordinated with Manafort and his lawyer for some of the content for his show. They also show that Manafort was appreciative and delighted at Sean’s monologues and reports on him.

On August 21, 2018, A jury found Paul Manafort guilty on 8 of 18 felony counts including five counts of filing false tax returns, two counts of bank fraud, and one count of failing to disclose a foreign bank account. He was sentenced to 47 months in prison, less 9 months for time already served. President Trump was asked if he would pardon Paul Manafort he has “great respect” for Manafort but would not explicitly commit to pardoning him.

Back in August 2017 when the investigation first started, Hannity sent a long text message to Manafort that outlined his opinion on the case. “from what I’m seeing today, there are so many obvious crimes that are NOT being investigated” said Hannity, HRC NOTHING? and NOTHING IS Getting done for the great people of this country.” He then offered his support “if you ever want to talk, grab dinner, vent strategize-whatever, I am here.”

This kicked off a lengthy dialogue between the two men that lasted throughout Manafort’s trial. The two discussed a variety of topics related to the ongoing Mueller investigation including their mutual disdain for Robert Mueller & his team and Hillary Clinton, how Hannity could help Manafort change his public perception, and various other topics.

Hannity continually offered his support and checked in on Manafort throughout the trial. He was one of the loudest voices championing Manafort’s cause and saying he was innocent.

They Talked About how the Trump-Russia Probe was a Conspiracy and Their Shared Hatred for Robert Mueller

On August 11, 2017, Manfort texted Hannity “The establishment feels like they have to kill Trump” adding “I am road kill to them”. The same day, Hannity responds with the “5 groups” who he says are responsible for the supposed conspiracy including “Deep state, dems, media, weak pathetic R’s, never trumpers” and says he is “beyond shocked, angry and disgusted at the investigation”

Hannity also reveals that he’s told this conspiracy to the President after Manafort says he hopes “POTUS understands your point”. “I tell [President Trump] a lot, a real lot” saying him and Trump have a “brutally honest relationship” before admitting that the “Left may win and get me fired at some point. But I don’t give a shit. I’ll get two Dixie cups and talk to myself”.

On December 7. 2017, Manafort tells Hannity his “monologue tonight was the best summary ever of the case against Mueller and his team”. Hannity replies “F him (Mueller)” and calls him a “disgrace”. A month later, Manafort tells Hannity that “in a fair world” he would “get a Pulitzer for your incredible reporting”. Hannity responds “Lol, I’ll take those assholes going to jail,”

They also constantly insult Special Prosecutor Andrew Weissmann who they refer to as “Mueller’s Pitbull” with Hannity saying on March 28, 2018 that “we will use this latest BS to attack Weissman,” then calls him a “slimeball”, “unethical”, and says his tactics are “illegal”. He also called Weissmann a “piece of shit”. Later he says the Muller team is “”Using our money to try and fuck us”.

The anger and criticism of Mueller and his team is a constant theme during the two-year text conversation. After he wishes Manafort a Merry Christmas, Hannity tells him that “2018 is the year of exposing the TRUTH!”

Hannity Tried to Get Manafort and His Attorney on the Show

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Several times during their many conversations, Hannity implores Manafort to come on his show with his lawyer or have his lawyer appear on the show. “I told my lawyer I want to find a way to give you an interview on this complaint,” Manafort told Hannity on January 3, 2018 “he will have to navigate carefully re not violating the gag order in the criminal case but I think we can get it done.” Hannity says they can “tape it” and that the interview would not be live.

Hannity apparently spoke with Manafort’s lawyer, Reg Brown, on January 25, 2018 and asked him to “feed me every day” then reminded Manafort that Brown had to “SEND ME STUFF”.

Despite Hannity’s efforts, neither Manafort nor his lawyer ever actually appeared on the program due to the risk it would pose to his court case.

They Bonded over Their Humble Beginnings as Hannity Described His Mission

At one point in the conversation, Hannity discusses his motivations behind supporting Manafort and discusses his upbringing, “I made more this year than my mom, dad and all their brothers and sisters and my grandparents made combined in their lifetimes,” he said. “They fought for my ability to have a better life. What I’m supposed to now say, ‘I’m playing golf?’ I suck at golf. The beach? I’m bored in 5 minutes.”

Manafort responds “Your life story, and mine, are the reasons this country was created.” Hannity texts, adding “my dad dirt fing poor. Mom dies childbirth. Depression”. “That was my father too” Manafort responds.

In the messages, both men believe they are fighting for a just cause and feel persecuted by what they call the “deep state” and Democrats or “Dems” as they call them. There are no mentions of cover-ups and Manafort never admits to any crimes during their exchanges.

UPDATE: Sean Hannity tweeted about the texts earlier this morning and his relationship with Paul Manafort.

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