Brandon Gales: A Tribute to the Walmart Shooting Victim

brandon gales

Facebook screenshot Walmart manager Brandon Gales was shot and killed in his Southaven, Mississippi store Tuesday morning by a person police described as a disgruntled employee.

A man recorded a video after the frightening and “nerve-racking” shooting early Tuesday morning at the Southaven, Mississippi Walmart. Then, when he’s told that his friend, Brandon Gales, is one of the store employees shot and killed, he begins to cry.

The sun had only been up for an hour when shots rang out. A police officer was shot, and two employees shot and killed. Gales was one of those whose life was taken by a “disgruntled employee.” He was a department manager, his family said.

Known affectionately by family and friends as BG, Gales was initially reported to have been in critical condition. But his family members began posting that he passed away before noon.

Gales was 38 and the father of three. He’d been a Walmart employee for more than 15 years, according to his father. Gales was born and raised in Hernando, Mississippi and his father said his son was a well-known and beloved figure in the community.

Here’s what you need to know:

Brandon ‘BG’ Gales is Being Mourned by Family, Friends, Colleagues & People Who Never Met Him

“Lord I’m broken ? please keep my families PRAYER lifted the Wrights and the Gales also store 848 Wal-Mart staff ?”

“I am so heartbroken for his family and friends. Rip. Those kids are going to need so much love right now.”

Wrote another, “Sad ?God Bless this man children and give them peace and strength to get through this.”

Carlito Odom Was in the Store When Shots Rang Out & Described the Shooting in a Video & Then Learned Gales, ‘My Partner,’ Was Killed. He Cried. Many of Gales’ Family Are Posting Tributes & Asking For Prayers

“This a loss I can’t shake not you cuz. I’m hurting so bad everyone keep my folks in your prayers.”

Before it was confirmed he had passed away. The family had hope.

Walmart Has Offered Condolences

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